Review: Buttabean – Just Give Me 1 Shot

Just Give Me 1 Shot is one of Buttabean’s darker albums that was written during a dark period in his life. He was living in his car. He was going through turmoil such as dealing with betrayal, disloyalty, frustration, and anger. That’s why you have and hear songs like Fed Up, Desperate, Split Personality, Life Is A Bitch, Why, If I Was Broke, Fuc U, I Hate U, and Voices. This album is similar to the Psycho Therapy album in terms of mood, style, design, and sound. You can feel the themes of darkness, anger, and betrayal as you listen to this album.

Just Give Me 1 Shot was released on CD in 2002 on Wreckin The Mic Recordz. This album is extremely rare and hard to find these days both online or offline. The album was re-released in 2005 with the front cover being all in sepia tone.

You can feel the hate on I Hate U. People like Buttabean but he hates them. Buttabean warns listeners to stay away from him as he will kill them. He is not the person to go to when you have problems that need to be solved. Buttabean doesn’t solve problems. Don’t go to him. He just puts you in a coffin. Not often but sometimes he likes to murder people.

Buttabean was trying to make his life better than what it was at the time he wrote this song. He was living in a car when this song was written. Buttabean did what he had to do to survive and get shiny material things even if that included robbery. You don’t know where Buttabean has been or seen. You don’t know what Buttabean has been through. So don’t judge him.

This song was aimed at all the females and their boyfriends who were stalking Buttabean. A lot of females were stalking him. Stalking is a common subject in Buttabean’s songs.

Split Personality is a spectacular rap rock song that is a duo cut with Buttabean and label mate Lil Josh. You can feel the rush and anger as the song progresses due to the lyrics and mood. There is an adrenaline rush that blends with the theme of anger on this song.

Buttabean and Lil Josh are in a room tripping off mushrooms. All in a rage. They make an example out of people of not to fuck with them though murder. Throughout the song they kill and people and bury them. This is reason why you can hear sound effects of bullets flying and guns cock. Buttabean will murder your family and haul you body away in Duce’s Toyota Camry. He means just what he says. Don’t waste his time.

Buttabean is a genius as he comes up with clever lyrics that rhyme. Here are some lyrics that are an example: “Buttabean is a genius/That’s why bitches are itching to jump all over my penis”

Fed Up is driven by hard military styled battle beats. Notice the military battle beats. The beats what stand out about this Buttabean song. Buttabean is fed up with life and wants the Grim Reaper to take him away to a better place. Also this Buttabean song follows a slow pace and tempo.

Buttabean sees the Grim Reaper on his back every steps he takes. Counting every bad move and mistake. He is waiting for the day the Grim Reaper will take him away from the place is staying at into Hell’s gates. Buttabean sees the Grim Reaper on his back for all the dirt he did in the past.

He is fed up with the way he has been treated. Buttabean is fed up with life. He wants the Grim Reaper to take him away to a better place.

Voices is another track of his that was written during a dark period in his life. He was constantly hearing voices telling him to commit unlawful actions. Voices in his head telling him to commit sin. Voices in his head tell him to murder and kill people. Do you ever have times where your mind just wonders? Makes you think of crazy shit. The track is laced with ultra heavy bass and thin cymbals. His homeboy Duce is on the track.

Buttabean wakes up at night with things on his mind. He is all alone. Now he can see things more clearly. He will be along in this world for a long time.

At midnight he wakes up with cold sweat on his face. His mind is going crazy. What did he forget to do today? His life is so hectic. Buttabean is unable to think because of the drugs he took yesterday. Everything will be fine as long as he can catch a good buzz. He should have went back to school with everyone else.

Buttabean is selling compact discs (CDs) for $5.00 a piece. No, you are not getting a discount deal. Buttabean works hard for his dough. His goal in life is to live like a god with money.

Duce is paranoid. His mind could click and go off at any time. Give Duce a reason why he should not take his own life by committing suicide. He has dreams of ending it all and flying high. Duce is drowning in his sorrows while living in this fucking mess. He is hearing voices in his head to take another soul. Voices in his head tell him to murder and kill people. However he is still having issues with taking his own life. Seeing faces of dead people while he sleeps late at night. Having conversations with himself, talking to the moonlight.

Why deals with trying to survive in a cruel world. This song is Buttabean’s letter to the Lord. His homeboy Duce is on the track also.

You can hear lyrics to the children’s bedtime prayer called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep at the beginning of the track. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a classic renown children’s bedtime prayer from the 18th century.

“Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep;
If I should die before I wake,
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take.”

Buttabean wonders if he’ll live or if he’ll die. Will he fight to live right or commit suicide? Go for the long ride and make it to the right life. Now it’s time for the final fight. His grandmother was his heart and the Lord took her away from him. Now she’s gone. He hated the Lord for taking his grandmother away from him. He feels trapped in this life.

Things only got worse. That’s why Buttabean wrote this letter to the Lord. He asks the Lord to watch over him at night. Something isn’t going right in life. He can’t help what he feels. He doesn’t belong here. Buttabean has been stuck in this shell for at least 20 years. Voices in his head tell him to murder and kill people. He’s been fighting demons off. Now he’s about to lose his will. He prays every night for the Lord to forgive him. After all he just a man of flesh and blood.

People want to see him fall and they don’t show him love. Back in the 2000s there was a lot hate towards Buttabean because he was a small town rapper from Waco, Texas who was making a name for himself and Waco rappers don’t really support each other. Waco is a small town full of hate. They wanted to ride on his coattails of success.

Come With Me came from the underground sessions (studio sessions) of recording the 2001/2002 album Livin Large. The song is a freestyle. The song is ridden with a fat bass line and dark thick piano notes. The song is fuckin sick!

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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