September 24, 2023

Brotha Lynch Hung’s 2011 album Coathanga Strangla sounds like a badass horror movie. That is not surprising since the album was specifically formatted and laid out as a horror movie with many similarities by him. The album has solid story telling backed with descriptive lyrics on his songs. This album has music that would be suitable for a soundtrack in a movie. Think about the film scores and songs used in movies of the psycho thriller genre and horror movies. Why his album has that horror movie sample sound. His songs are good to include on a soundtrack for a major movie or an underground indie movie/film.

Brotha Lynch Hung – Coathanga Strangla was the best Strange Music album of 2011. This album was just as horrorcore and gruesome as Dinner And A Movie and Season Of Da Siccness. Horrorcore rap meets new school rap on this album. These are his cannibal sessions. The Coathanga Strangla album is serving an appetizer for all things to come. So have dinner and a movie while you wait.

Now the album cover itself is similar to a scene similarly seen in a horror film or a poster advertising a horror movie. That’s no coincidence. You can see a black mask which quickly gives away serial killer vibes. Some may think the album cover was based on an original concept by Brotha Lynch Hung. The album cover looks like a badass horror movie made in 2010 or 2011. The color scheme follows the format of a horror film or a mystery novel.

Now the only downside to the Coathanga Strangla album is the amount of guest artists featured on the songs. Lynch could have reduced the amount of guest artists on his songs for his Coathanga Strangla album. Lynch can hold down his own weight on his songs as he’s done decades prior.

Spit It Out deals with paranoia. His hurtful rhyming is what makes this song brehsive. Lynch and COS are telling us to reject false information or anything you believe to be untrue. If it sounds to good too be true, then it probably is. If anything tastes funny, spit it out!

Lynch has been struggling to keep focused on his lyrics because of his problems, but he knows that he’ll get back in the game! He was taught to just do him though but won’t follow directions. Cup of liquor at the intersection while he clenching on his weapon. He is contemplating suicide while thinking about little Kevin. He is thinking about his girlfriend and his situation. He is also thinking about how his world will end tragically.

So many people mad at him. He makes them go away magically. But he just puts it behind him until they find him. This is perfect timing. This is what you wanted. So he is going out for the fried meat. Sorry he can’t believe the fucking lies that you told him. Because loyalty is loyalty but you don’t know about that.

If anything tastes funny, spit it out. Don’t trust it, don’t eat it! Somebody’s trying to poison Lynch. Somebody’s trying to get in his life.

Can you taste it? Can you smell it in the air? Smell like bodies in the basement. Come take a walk with COS down a road so sacred. Dead man walking scars underneath the bracelet. No leaves on the trees dusty roads. No pavement. No sunshine. Just a lot of raining. One gun, one mind.

Every room vacant in the house is colder than the glacier. Bloody stage shit. Everything aching can’t repair itself. Every mirror in here is broken like COS can’t stare at himself. He see clears through the smoke because he got air in himself.

Now Lynch is going through the pain and he’s to blame. They think the money and fame equals insanity. It’s a Strange game. He lets it stay the same. That’s why it seems like he’s hitting you with the same rhyme game time. Hard to get along with sometimes. That’s hard life. Compare it to the hard right. It’s going to be a long night and nothing to bitch about.

Suicide Watch is a continuation and follow-up to I Tried To Commit Suicide. Brotha Lynch Hung raps about why he is on suicide watch.

Brotha Lynch Hung is in an all black khaki suit in an all black room feeling like he’s in the back of the room. And he is strapped like something out of a movie. Brotha Lynch Hung goes through the jungle with a machete. He hunts loose and cuts throat. That’s too practical. Yet he did perform a tactical movement. Next thing you know he was loose and moving. Killing everybody in sight and then smashing out. Lynch doesn’t know what’s happening. Maybe he’s blacking out.

Anybody’ll tell you that nigga’s an acid mouth. He is cruising past your house. He’ll start chewing his meat if his ass is out. Hit Lynch with the .50 and get your brains blasted. Dumping the dead niggas in caskets.

Lynch tore his head like cotton. Call the coroner because Lynch is leavin’ him in a corner. Someone called his boys up. They gon’ be looking for him. Soon enough Lynch will disappear in the morning.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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