Review: The Dayton Family – FBI (cassette promo version)

The Dayton Family – FBI (cassette promo version) used some different samples than the retail version. For instance the sample of Aaron Hall – I Love You Baby was not used on the retail edition of What’s On My Mind II. The track FBI samples Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise.

What’s On My Mind II is another track that made The Dayton Family a legendary rap ground in the streets of Flint, the state of Michigan, and throughout the Midwest US. The Dayton Family discusses to the listeners what’s on their mind while not holding back of course. The Dayton Family comes with a “no holds barred attitude” in aggressive form on this track and several other tracks of theirs.

Any fan of hardcore gangsta rap will enjoy this track! The Dayton Family does not hold back for anything! For example, read these verses to the lyrics of What’s On My Mind.:

What’s on my mind is a rape in progress
I got my dick in between some bitch’s breasts
What’s on my mind is a knife at a hoe’s throat
I took her gold, her pussy, and her mink coat

This version samples Art of Noise – Moments in Love and Aaron Hall – I Love You Baby.

This version of Ghetto samples The Floaters – Float On. Ghetto was released on the FBI album that in 1996. The lyrics have the same concept of living in a cycle of poverty.

Ghetto provides emotional insight showcasing the life cycle of poverty. The mood is sad and mournful. The lyrics are very much different from each other but have the same concept of living life in a cycle of poverty. It’s about survival. Hustling and trying to have a normal life in an impossible environment.

FBI takes ride through one of the worst ghettos of in the United States of America with such gruesome imagery and powerful narratives. FBI is a classic without a doubt. The track itself is a cult classic for Dayton Family fans.

FBI samples The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You and Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise. This version of FBI was produced by Steve Pitts. The beats have different arrangements, percussion selection, samples, filters, rhythm, and sound from the 1991 version of FBI. Mark Taylor used equal temperament while producing the track. Its enharmonic sound is quite notable. J Robinson laid down the arrangements.

Real Wit This is a Shoestring solo where he gets real and lyrical all at the same time. This is one of his best songs. His delivery and demeanor is aggressive.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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