Review: 4hero – Two Pages

Review: 4hero – Two Pages

4hero – Two Pages is a mellow rhythmic broken beat jazzstep album with spiritual vibes that are poetic due to the way the lyrics are structured. The jazz fusion is simply remarkable and beautiful.

Golden age of life is a beautiful mellow rhythmic broken beat jazzstep song about the beauty of being a newborn infant. The age of infancy represents a new birth. Golden age of life. Children of the light. In the garden of your heart and mind. A newborn babies voice is crying. A new found love there’s no denying. But the world will teach you hate. It’s a place that leaves you filled with so much hate. In the mind a brand new stage. In the garden of your life here is your fate.

Star Chasers explains how life repeats itself when you find yourself something doing the same thing every day. Ever find yourself something doing the same thing? Walking the same old life. Looking back on yesterday and dreaming the same dreams. Wishing away the time. Then you answer your feelings and looked deep inside. You know there’s got to be meaning. Or are we here for the ride?

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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