Review: Snubnoze – Pimp 4 Ever

The Snubnoze – Pimp 4 Ever album has some of the hardest most sophisticated beats over haunting dark soundscapes for a Memphis rap tape from 1995. The music has shit that will get you hooked. Blackout produced this pimpin’ ass classic. Blackout was killin’ that Korg X3 on this Snubnoze album. He does no wrong with his production. The best songs on this Snubnoze album are Guice & Eli In This Bitch!, Kick It, Ain’t No Love, and Still Smoking.

Thug From Around The Way one of the darker climatic tracks which gets annoying very quickly. The hook line constantly repeats “once was a thug from around the way” over and over. This exact phrase explicitly makes this song annoying quickly.

Some of the most memorable lyrics to this song are “Pop goes my 9” and “Pop goes my 9 and you drop to the concrete”. The phrase “Pop goes my 9” is an example of classic gangsta rap.

Ain’t No Love has some deep dark bass over chilling haunting G-Funk synths. Notice those whines. This is honestly one of the best songs off the album. This is one of the more whimsical sophisticated street-savvy songs off the album.

A motherfucking pimp. A nigga with a mastermind coming at you one time at the county line of Selby County. Watching drug fiends smoke crack by the ounce. The Eastside is the land of the OGs. The only niggaz making money was the Snubnoze Click. There ain’t no love in the motherfucking city or street. Niggaz acting shitty. So blaze up a Swisher Sweet.

Blackout used some the best laid back beats over chill calming vibe on Still Smoking. The rhythmic bongos he used fit in appropriately with the vibe and sound. Blackout does no wrong with his production.

Guice killed it with his fire lyrics on Guice & Eli In This Bitch!. The most memorable lyrics to this song are “T-H-U-double G, thats what I be/And I get paid cuz I’m true to the game”. Guice & Eli In This Bitch! was produced by Blackout.

I rate this album 4/5***!!

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