Review: Liveola – Programed To Wreck

Liveola killed that hoe on his debut album called Liveola – Programed To Wreck back in 2003. Liveola verses were definitely some of the most hardest, aggressive, and versatile verses in San Antonio rap at the time. He was the hardest rapper outta San Antonio at the time and was ahead of his time with his unorthodox punch lines. Liveola was breakin mics with those hard ass punch lines. The album showcases the best of his ability, hard punchlines, skills, and flow.

Still Holdin was another on Liveola’s hardest tracks which featured label mate Lil Mike, Lil Tay, and Smackola. Lil Mike said his most memorable lyrics that people had overlooked and slept on which were, “You feel Lil Mike like a priest with 4 hands”

Who’s This! is one of the best tracks off the album which is a Paul Wall and Liveola duo. H-Town’s best and SA-Town’s best were wreckin this track. Who’s This! heavily relies on sampling Timbaland and Magoo – Indian Flute which is also where the beats came from. Liveola proclaims himself to be the best president on the track.

North Side Live is one of best live freestyles off his debut album. He did go live like UNLV and Mr. Joshay. Now this Liveola freestyle heavily relies on a single dark major piano key which is constantly used throughout his verses. You know what they say in San Antonio. It cost an arm and a leg for a Liveola feature! Liveola was ahead of his time with his unorthodox punch lines.

Some of the most memorable lyrics to this freestyle are as follows.

“Slap a nigga with braids and gave his ass a fro”
“We ride on chrome and pack 2 chucks off”
“It cost an arm and a leg for a Liveola feature!”

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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