Review: Soulja Slim – The Streets Made Me

Soulja Slim – The Streets Made Me was one of No Limit’s most overlooked albums of 2001. The reason being is that Soulja Slim – The Streets Made Me was originally supposed to be distributed by Priority Records. However No Limit’s distribution contract with Priority Records had expired and Master P used Houston based Southwest Wholesale Distribution to release the album with which resulted in limited promotion and exposure. That is also why the album was released in 2001 on the short-lived “No Limit South” sublabel.

This overlooked second album of his should have been a platinum success nearly on the level of his debut album was. His second album had that raw hardcore lyrical sound. This was his second hardest album to date. Soulja Slim literally took gangsta rap of New Orleans to a whole another level with his second album.

Can’t Touch Us was originally Afficial’s song which ended up being used on Soulja Slim’s 2001 album Streets Made Me. The song served as the good ender on Soulja Slim’s 2001 album. Afficial shows off their hardcore versatile lyrics. Afficial definitely brings out the East Coast flavor into the song. S-Flames was the hardest with the bars and Yukon was lit with the punchlines. They all brought different styles to their songs. Everyone knows Afficial are some straight head bustas. Ya heard me? No Limit is the family. The army is strong.

Afficial wears Jordans and ride on 23’s (23 inch rims) on the truck while screened up (having tinted windows). Their chrome wheels on their truck feel like you are riding on ski’s. That is what the lyrics, “Chrome wheels it feel like you ridin’ on ski’s” mean.

Smoking that sticky green. Afficial is spazzed out with a spaced out look. That is why members of Afficial have that spazzed out look. You can catch them rolling in their Jaguar. Play hard, pop fly, and get bitches to jump rope is their motto. Game over is the law and their motto also. These little niggas ain’t ballin’ right. Afficial gotta call the plays out. Afficial flips shit up and turn dogs back to puppies. They sure is ugly.

S-Flames was the hardest with the bars. Read these lyrics of his.

[Afficial (S-Flames)]
The bigger the barrel is it’s harder to swallow
I gotta put you in the creek where the water is shallow
Afficial, game over is the law & the motto
Put it out for the bitches & the niggas to follow

Soulja Slim showcases how he is (was) still the lyrical veteran soulja with his lyrics on the song called Make it Happen. Soulja Slim took it back to this streets on this one joint with those hardcore versatile lyrics of his. The production is strong and heavy due to the number of layers used.

These lyrics showcase how he is (was) still the lyrical veteran soulja with his lyrics.

Cut throat ’em on Magnolia leave body parts on Willow
Dats how we do it, 6 court souljas off top
Keep ’em cocked wit out havin’ second thoughts to pop
Uptown dats where I was born & raised
Chastised by veterans in they army brigades
When I grew up I wanted to just like them
Look at me now retired veteran, Soulja Slim
A lot of souljas made it and a lot of ’em didn’t
It ain’t easy bein’ a soulja takes a lot of wig splittin’

Nigga just shot my dawg Double Crosser
Beef is on, heat is on, tweekin’ for leakin’ domes
Make it known when I come home clear tha whole corner
Somebody gon’ die when my & my army ride
You niggas jive, who gonna thank me & my dawg won’t kill ya
Had ya down dad should of let my dawg steel ya
Bustarized, realized, we crucifized, homicide
Lookin’ for me wit the Chinese eyes
Gold grill from tha back to tha front, mask on
Done a walk by and got my blast on

I rate this album 4/5****!

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