Review: Twice The Power – Now or Never

Now or Never is the brand new spankin’ album from legendary San Antonio rap group Twice The Power from 2019. Latin rap meets freestyle rap on this album with a mix of party music and salsa. The album has that doodooism and heavy bass. The album includes hits like Haterville, Get Down, 9 Kegs, Get Down, and Step If U Wanna Step.

Most of these tracks were recorded in 2001 although a few tracks were recorded in 2000 and sometime earlier. These tracks were recorded at Wicked Bass Studios in San Antonio, Texas. DJ Devastator did the mixing as always. Kid Ray had more of a presence on this album because one of the members was serving time in jail. Kid Ray had more time on the mic than he did on their 2001 album or their 1995 album.

Step If U Wanna Step was recorded in 2001 by DJ Devastator. Members Mr. IROK, Wicked G, Kid Ray, and DJ Devastator are included on the track. This track has a crunk sound mixed with heavy bass over usage of funky keyboard synths. Mr. IROK and Kid Ray take charge for most this track.

Twice The Power warns those to step up to them if they want to go into a lyrical battle. Twice The Power claims to be OGs in San Antonio rap. They are the few of the original pioneers of San Antonio rap left in the game. Don’t mess with the loco vatos.

People have been saying Twice The Power quit just because they have been out of the scene for a while. They never quit. They were in the studio putting down tracks. Twice The Power spreads the words of fire. They push tracks like a straight hustle from the streets.

9 Kegs is a perfect song to get drunk and wasted to. Mr. IROK, Kid Ray, and Wicked G perform. DJ Devastator is on the turntables. The song was a hit on radio stations in San Antonio thus gaining much airplay. This track was recorded, arranged, and mixed by DJ Devastator song with Mr. IROK in 2001. The track is an original recording.

The track takes place at a house party at 10 PM on a Friday night. There are 9 kegs of beer. Ladies are everywhere showing their booties with g-strings on. It’s easy to lose control at a house party. There’s no party like a SA-Town party!

If U Only Knew was recorded by DJ Devastator and Mr. IROK in 2000. What is different about this track the absence of heavy bass.

The rhymes Twice The Power kicks are major since the days of Sky pagers. (Who remembers those?) They let us know who was putting records on music store shelves in San Antonio. It’s clear the group wants to be remembered throughout history. Twice The Power’s in the house to shake shit up. Twice The Power is on the rise and can’t be faded. At least in the underground.

Damage is driven by heavy electronic bass, thick beats, and is backed an electronic soundscape. These were doing damage on the mic with the song Damage. One thing is for sure is that these boys were making noise.

Superfriends is the posse cut of the album where all 3 members rap their own verse. Latin rap meets freestyle rap on Superfriends. This is one of the songs the trio recorded in 2019.

Get Down has a futuristic sound due to its electronic soundscape used and electronic tech keyboard synths used. Southern rap meets Latin rap with an electronic touch. Its percussion is distorted and crunchy sounding very similar to an 8 bit video game.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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