Review: Mentalinstrum – After Hours EP

The release of Mentalinstrum – After Hours is one of the lesser known garage house singles/EP from NYC that definitely flew under the radar. Now what stands out about this slightly unique garage house EP is that this garage house EP is romance based which is there are so many romantic themes based on love with songs such as Leave Me, Ah! I’m Coming, Love Changes, and Dance With Me.

Ah! I’m Coming an intoxicating garage house romance song with such repetitive vocals which get annoying after a while. Nothing special here. Only fans of garage house will enjoy and understand the song.

Dance With Me uses a mixture of Salsa dance mixed with that NYC styled garage house sound and plenty of bass many fans of electronic music enjoy. The song serves as an example of some of the great stuff produced by Smack Productions.

Leave Me uses a bunch of warped pads, chords, and angelic synths. This song uses more dance oriented synths and dance beats instead of solely relying on electronic music. You will love those slamming sounds!

Love Changes is aromatics garage house masterpiece produced by Eddie Perez himself. Eddie Perez is the master of garage house. Mentalinstrum/Smack Productions had their signature sound back in the 90s. It is rare for producers to have their “own” signature sound these days as music these days sound the same. Love Changes will make you love house music and especially garage house. The beats are absolutely sick!

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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