Review: MC Overlord – House Of Funk

MC Overlord – House Of Funk is funky funk hop album where the sounds of funk meet hip hop/rap. Each track is funky and has a unique sound. Austin rap was leaning towards funk music at the turn of the 20th century in 1999. Most bands and artists were using a funky sound at this point. MC Overlord was no exception since he had already been incorporating funk into his music. Songs such as House of Funk, Fat Man, Move On, More, and Bounce Yo Ass are examples. Now this album did not sell as successfully as its predecessor The Dark Side. House Of Funk sold less units than House Of Funk.

Keep It Real is a smooth soulful rap song with Lisa Tingle and Malford Milligan in the background vocals. Overlord talks about how he maintains his sanity and control his emotions on this track. He keeps things real in his life. That’s what he does. The calm smooth background vocals are what make this song smooth and soothing. The beats and vocals are set on an equal level production wise.

Bounce Yo Ass is a funky hip hop/rap that you can surely get up to dance and jiggle to. This is one of his lesser known songs.

The title track House Of Funk is a funky funk hop song where the sounds of funk meet hip hop and rap. MC Overlord and the contributing musicians put in a lot of effort into composing this song. You can tell by listening to this song that Overlord’s heart was into music at the time.

The song October Again is October revisited. This song is the 1999 version of October which came from his 1993 album October.

The song October deals with the death of Cory Paul Ziegler who lost a long battle with leukemia in October 1992. Cory had been battling leukemia for 5 years since 1987. Instrumentation is compromised of an acoustic backing track which is Jason Mozersky playing a guitar. This song was the way he dealt with Ziegler’s death. Corey Ziegler was one of his closest college friends when he attended UT Austin.

October was solely dedicated to Cory Paul Ziegler after he lost a long battle with leukemia. The profits from this recording were donated to “The Cory Ziegler Fund” which went to a scholarship fund in Ziegler’s name. This song was something he started as a plan to commemorate a close friend.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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