Review: The Green Eyes – Something To Bop To/The Struggle

The Green Eyes – Something To Bop To/TheStruggle Is On is one of the earlier San Diego rap singles released in the 80s.

Something To Bop To and The Struggle Is On are both dance music/rap tracks. They are what is considered and called neighborhood music in San Diego, California. Neighborhood music never gets old. It’s timeless. If you are a hip hop head, then you will enjoy this cassette single. You see, The Green Eyes is an OG in the San Diego Rap scene along with DJ Candyman & Superslim, Big June, Black Mikey, Soulful Ernie, Cricet, DJ GIL, Bulldog, DJ Len C, LOD, and Silhouette. The Green Eyes has had a couple of cassettes out since the 80s and 90s.

Something To Bop To is a funky rap melody track. The track itself is obviously a dance track. The track Something To Bop To is for those car hoppers in their low riders. Something To Bop To is a timeless well known Southeast San Diego rap classic in its own rightful way.

Mix funk, rap, hip hop, soul, R&B, dance, Blues, Jazz, and lounge music and have the result of the track Something To Bop To. Something To Bop To is a funky rap melody track. The track itself is obviously a dance track. The Green Eyes was inspired by the genres of hip hop/rap, R&B/soul, and dance when he composed this track. That’s clearly why dance and rap are the most prevalent genres on this particular track.

Something To Bop To was made to be a dance melody and a dance track as well. That’s why we hear the dance music genre on this particular track and that is why the dance music genre is the most prevalent here. The upbeat tempo, percussion, dance music, and funky sounds are what made Something To Bop To to be a dance track. Cleary The Green Eyes was inspired by the dance music genre when composing Something To Bop To.

The Green Eyes details how the struggle is on in Southeast San Diego. The Green Eyes details life about the struggle in rap. Samples used on the track The Struggle Is On by The Green Eyes are George Clinton – Atomic Dog and Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce. A Jimi Hendrix sample is used laced on the hook.

Here we are on a Friday night with The Green Eyes. So now he swoops to his set to gain financial compensation (get some cash), talk shit, and kick some ass. His homeboy Burger suddenly pulls up in his great Cadillac. He had a fly ass bitch with him. Cult following comes with the package. It come with the territory when you’re rich as The Green Eyes puts it.

30 seconds into the track and The Green Eyes describes his past criminal lifestyle. The ghetto is a trip on how things are changing especially when it comes to gangbanging. As fast as you come up is as fast you’re falling down. San Diego is a city where a street soldier must stay strong because where The Green Eyes is from, the struggle is on. (Southeast San Diego, California is what The Green Eyes describes as the Southeast Planet.)

On the hook, The Green Eyes gets into the concepts of his raps. The concepts of his raps are gangsta rap and old school rap. “If you’re going to be a soldier in these streets, stay down for yours. If not, then get out of the game.” These are The Green Eyes suggestions.

When crack began an epidemic drug problem that swept the nation of the United States, a lot of drug dealers came up. As fast as you come up is as fast you’re falling down. As fast as you rise up to powered influence in the drug ring, you fall down and face a decline in drug sales. Burglary and auto theft is common in the ghetto. The Green Eyes is so immaculate as he is from the old school.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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