Review: K Chill – The Chill Factor EP

K Chill – The Chill Factor is one of the more underrated Cleveland rap EPs from the 90s that got overlooked due to the success of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cochise, and Brothers 4 The Struggle. The success of Bone Thugs N Harmony and Brothers 4 The Struggle is what led this EP to be overshadowed and overlooked. Adjust your speakers! The bass on this album is heavy. K Chill actually has some pretty decent songs on here. Every song is solid with no filler material. It’s the infamous K Chill yall!

The artwork for this EP is solid and fresh for an album from 1992. You have an abstract color scheme which uses a dot matrix printing style. That is why you can see bubbles in some of the text. The colors are similar to a soft drink you would purchase at a sporting event. Notice the cyan blue, white, and magenta colors. The colors are similar to Icy Blu’s debut album from 1991. Think of that color scheme when you look at the visuals for this album. One could expect this looking from an old school perspective.

The Chill Factor uses phat bass and a slow pace rhythm. His flow fits perfectly with the slow rhythm. His rhymes, cadence, and flow are similar to Ice Cube, Grand Daddy I.U., and Digable Planets.

K Chill expresses his hatred of R&B music on Straight R & B. He considers R&B music to be weak. K Chill is sick of these weak MCs getting rich. He expresses hatred towards weak MCs in his lyrics. They use rap as a tool when they couldn’t wrap gift (Notice the double entendre?) To go commercial or be underground is one thing. The radio hates K Chill because he speaks the truth.

The setting for Can’t Let It Be Me takes place at a United States Marines Office in San Diego, California. It’s wartime and the marines are looking for a few good men as soldiers to fight the war in Kuwait.

K Chill did not want to join the war. But the marines were in dire need of soldiers. K Chill is in Kuwait with an M16. He is checking his weapons. He makes sure his boat is clean. The weather is hot. Him and his partners playing guard is a trip. He can’t let that be him.

12:00 at night is when he rolls in a jeep undercover while dressed in black. The enemy has not captured him. He has seen too many Rambo movies to let that happen. He froze a tank only to have that tank explode. The tank was soon left behind. He can’t drop the gun now. The rest of the song deals with the casualties of war and also war experiences.

Can’t Let It Be Me uses thick bass over simple beats.

The song Boom Booms In My Trunk is an ode to bass. Hearing bass booming from a stereo system is an everyday thing in Cleveland. Go down St. Clair Avenue and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Boom Boom can be heard out of Jeeps and Rangers. K got the boom boom in his trunk. Rangers on Dayton’s with the boom.

Below is a short list of some of the memorable verses and lyrics from this song.

“Boom boom in my 89 Honda with my Alpine/Pull out ya ya”
“We’ll snatch some boom boom out your trunk”
“I’ll snatch the boom boom out your trunk”

I rate this EP 3/5***.

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