Review: House Of 909 – The Children We Were

The Children We Were was the sophomore album from House Of 909 released on the label of the same name. What’s different about this album is that album did not feature any outside producers or any in-house producers as was the case with their debut album. This album was produced entirely by House Of 909. Now there are featured artists on this album such Azeem and Bobbi Depasois. The sound for this album leans more towards Chicago house than British garage or deep house.

Playing Fields is a smooth deep house track with a relaxing vibe you can relax to. The song has a chilling deep house vibe to it. The beats are noticeably thinner on this track than all of the others that are on this album. Turn up your volume so you can hear the beats. Analog bass is used in various places throughout this song.

Tribute is a garage influenced house song with thin processed beats and funky bass lines. The whole song is entirely instrumental music.

Story Telling Giants uses Afrocentric based percussion with crispy and thin. The song uses a fusion of tribal house, funk, garage, and jazz house. The song has a relaxing vibe that is similar to Playing Fields in terms of mood. Synths and bass are what give Story Telling Giants a chunk of funk. The xylophone is what gives the song that jazz house sound and vibe.

Beautiful Day is one of the most beautiful atmospheric songs on the album with vibe similar to both Playing Fields and Story Telling Giants. The song is a classic to House Of 909 fans.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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