Review: Earl Sisco – @ A Glance EP

@ A Glance is the new digital EP from ex-Flinstoner Earl Sisco which was released online in the year 2017. The EP serves as a precursor to S.O.MMM Presents: No Bridges – EP (“No Bridges” The EP). Much of this music is considered to be modern soul music with that R&B touch. Earl shows growth and improvement as an artists on songs such as All Around The World, Still Looking For Nikki, and Keep Your Head Up.

The sound on this EP is uniquely futuristic and is high def. Now this EP was not mixed by Sterlyn Reynolds at Reynolds RAPP Studio in Nashville, Tennessee as his last EP was. Earl produced most of this EP by himself and was mixed by Buff Billions. This EP is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Unlimited, etc.

Still Home Intro serves as the opener for this EP which is a melodic acappella. On the short 22 second intro, Earl tells us no matter how far he goes, he is still a Flintstone. Flint, Michigan will always be home to him. No matter how far he goes, away is still home. The intro is a song Earl recorded with Sixx Feet Deep of DOA (Dead On Arrival) called Still Home.

All Around The World sounds very much similar to a Dr. Dre production with the guitars, heavy reverb, and rumbling heavy bass. The song is a Dr. Dre instrumental. Earl took a different route in musical direction and production on All Around The World. He chose to go the more soulful route than R&B route.

Earl was born in Flint, Michigan. He has lived over here and there. Flint was home to many different people. Don’t consider him sheltered at all. 50 seconds into the song is where Earl talks about his trip to California and his vocal gift of singing. He’s moved around so much. Earl has been all around the world. Throughout the song, Earl lists the places he has been and lived. He’s traveled many miles on the road all alone. Just trying to get on his feet

Earl tells us no matter how far he goes, he is still a Flintstone. From birth to death. You can hear the words “We just gotta keep it movin’” repeated all over the song.

Still Looking For Nikki is a freaky song about a girl named Nikki and her friends. On this song Earl covers Lil Will – Looking For Nikki. His version of Looking For Nikki is shorter than the original version. Still Looking For Nikki is a soul rap cut which serves as a reprise and follow-up to the 1997 classic. The song is laced with laced with infectious bass, melodic piano notes, groovy guitars, and those crunk 808 beats.

The homie Will told a tale about the tale of Nikki and her friends. A freaky tale that is. Will is in his car driving down I-85. Will was reminiscing the last time him and Nikki were able to socialize with each other. His crew (friends) got into whatever club him and Nikki were in at that time. Every night it’s a different party which she attends.

He has been searching every party and every club for Nikki. The last place he checks for Nikki is a strip club called Club Nikki. He pulls off on the exit towards I-85 southbound looking for Nikki and her freaky friends. Eventually Will catches up to Nikki at a bar called Club Nikki. She was looking like a star. A model at the bar. Will asks Nikki, “Would you like to get in my Chevy, baby? We can do this every weekend.” They are at the bar after dark.

You can’t get anymore Atlanta than this song. Here is the most Atlanta line in the song.: “She got a brother named Southwest/A sister named College Park/An uncle named Decatur and he be boomin’ after dark/I’m still looking for Nikki” When it comes to parties, ya’ll ain’t ready. You can hear the words “ya’ll ain’t ready” repeat themselves in a repetitive manner throughout the song.

The song also serves as homage to the once famous strip club called Club Nikki on 1785 Stewart Avenue (now Metropolitan Parkway) in Southwest Atlanta. Club Nikki was the infamous strip club that operated on Atlanta’s Southwest Strip in the 1990s as the most popular adult entertainment spot for years. That whole strip was Atlanta’s red light district. Club Nikki operated under the names of Club Nikki’s, Club Nikki VIP, Nikki’s VIP, and Nikki VIP.

Now for those who are wondering and those of you who are still looking for Nikki, Club Nikki got shut down because the Mayor Bill Campbell revoked their liquor license in 1999. Despite having their liquor license revoked, the club still continued to serve liquor. Community opposition was raised against the club after prostitution among other illegal activities were going on inside. Residents want Club Nikki to be shut down along all those other clubs along Atlanta’s Southwest Strip.

It was after a dispute over the mayor’s refusal to renew liquor license that Club Nikki soon shut down in 2001. The owner got sent to jail on federal arson charges for hiring someone to burn one of his competitors businesses. Even Atlanta gets too crunk for itself at times.

Today Club Nikki is no longer in operation and the building is now up for lease and for sale. KNOX ENTERPRISES LLP owns the property. Interestingly enough, Club Nikki is inside of a brownfield despite being located next to a small creek. Club Nikki is inside of a brownfield as described the by EPA.

Keep Your Head Up is a sad brooding downtempo piano song with lyrics. Keep Ya Head up is a cover of 2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up except this version is a piano cover. The song tells us to keep our heads during rough times. Although things may be tough, you’ve got to keep your head up. The song was dedicated to his sister Sha. The samples used on this song are Zapp – Be Alright and 2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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