Review: Ruff-N-Rugged – Swing Sump’n Ruff

Ruff-N-Rugged – Swing Sump’n Ruff was put out on cassette and CD in 1994 on Boomin’ Records Inc. which is DJ Clays record label and studio. On the front cover are vinyls of Run-DMC – King of Rock and EPMD. All the good old school hip hop classics on vinyl next to a puddle where C-Lo D and DJ Clay are standing. All that hype stuff! This album is an overlooked classic in Flint hip hop! This album is so dope! The beats are great! It’s a must-have if you are a hardcore hip-hop head!

DFC was the most funkiest rap group, while The Dayton Family was the most hardest rap group, DOA was the most deadliest rap group, Top Authority was the most authoritative, while Took-N-Bone were the dopest, Guttt Control was the most gutsiest, while FOD was the rawest, NFTP was the most scandalas rap group, and Artfull Dodgers was the most artsiest, you had Ruff-N-Rugged which was the most rugged rap group. Ruff-N-Rugged was the most overlooked Flint hip-hop group ever despite being the fourth rap group out of Flint to get national mention on TV channels such as MTV, Fox, ETV, and The BOX. Let me introduce another group from Flint that goes by the name of Ruff-N-Rugged who are C-Lo and DJ Clay.

Old Skool Beat is classic breakbeats and samples of old school hip hop classics. The track Old Skool Beat was so dope in many different ways that cannot describe into one album review setting. Old Skool Beat is a sample crazy song.

Swing Sumpn Ruff was an underground hit in the mid 90s (well 1994 to be exact), and was way overlooked by mainstream media such as BillBoard despite having a music video made for Swing Sumpn Ruff played in heavy rotation on The BOX channel. The jazz sample is off the hook. So is the heavy note pounding bassline. The samples are fine too. Ruff-N-Rugged was way overlooked in their time.

Backstabbas is about people who are down with you but really turn out to be your enemies and stab you in the back when you’re not looking. Your own click can turn around and stab you in the back just like that very quickly as possible. Attorneys can be labelled as backstabbas too. Attorneys can punk you too. This track has a statement that is still very true and very well prevalent today. Backstabbas is still very relevant to today’s society. This very track here should have been promoted as a single alone. Comin At Ya (Str8 Jackin), Somethin Funky, and Drop The Microphone should have been singles alone.

Black Male is still a relevant track in today’s society especially with all the protesters in Ferguson over the Ferguson shooting and the recent Eric Garner killing by NYPD after the police officers put him in a chokehold. Black men do have it hard here when dealing with police encounters here in the United States. Police encounters can often turn out to be very dangerous and very deadly because if you attempt to reach for you pocket to show proof of identification, they will automatically shoot and kill you. The police encounters are very deadly often these days.

Somethin Funky is a funk dope track for you to listen to. Drop The Microphone should have been a single with Somethin Funky. DJ Clay and C-Lo both drop Somethin Funky for you!

DJ Clay and C-Lo D are Comin At Ya (Str8 Jackin) on Comin At Ya (Str8 Jackin). Comin At Ya (Str8 Jackin) is basically old school hip hop meets gangsta rap. DJ Clay really added that gangsta rap element to this dope ass track. C-Lo D’s Comin At Ya (Str8 Jackin) so stay strapped!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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