Review: Vallejo – Sins

Sins was the very first EP that was released by the Latin rock band Vallejo in 1994 on CD. Sins sold 5,000 copies within its first year of retail release. Vallejo living in Birmingham, Alabama at the time which is where all the songs for this EP were recorded at. The sound is very similar to the early days of Metallica, Alice in Chains, Creed, Pearl Jam, and Grupo Fantasma. The sound is very dark in mood and vibe. The Sins EP was later rereleased and remastered in 1999 on Vallejo Music Group (VMG) in Austin, Texas. Since then, Sins has sold over 15,000 copies total. Sins is a must have for Vallejo completionists out there who don’t have this album.

The Vallejo band explains in their lyrics through songwriting what rhythm is on the song Rhythm Is… as they do on all their other songs. Rhythm is in your gains slowly flowing through you similar to a river of red rain. The Vallejo band has not found their religion as music seems to be their vision. Rhythm is in the blood of human souls. Rhythm is in your blood as well. We are the future of the next generation.

Out Of Time is dark song with dark mood and vibe. Out Of Time is similar to a song by Metallica or Creed from the Garage Days. Definitely early Metallica sounding if you catch the drift. The band Vallejo gives you something new on the song Something New. Bell-bottoms and funky hats. You can wear what you want because that’s where it’s with when you’re rocking (with) Vallejo. This song will blow your mind!

Heavy Sugar is a heavy acoustic guitar ridden song accompanied by heavy bass lines. The bass lines are similar to what you would hear inside of acid jazz. Heavy Sugar sounds very similar to an early Metallica song from the Garage Days time period. The song Heavy Sugar also seems similar to a Creed song.

Sins is the title track that served as a single which also had a music video out. The music video was around 5 minutes long. Sins teaches us that good things must come and go. “Lord take me away from the world of sins.” is quotable dialogue from the song.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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