Review: Lil Yachty – Nuthin’ 2 Prove

Lil Yachty comes through with nothing to lose and nothing to prove on his new album Nuthin’ 2 Prove. This album is a melodic trap album with heavy hitting bass and drums. While rap is nothing new, Lil Yachty manages to hold his own weight on tracks such as Gimmie My Respect and I’m The Mac. The rest of this album has most guest spots with artists such as Juice WRLD, Playboi Carti, Cardi B, Kevin Gates, and Trippie Redd. Lil Yachty revealed detailed information about the album on Twitter on the date of October 12, 2018. The album was later released online for streaming in 2019.

Lil Yachty demands people give him proper respect on the opening track Gimmie My Respect. Never shying away from controversy, he claims that the new school rap generation is here to permanently to change the rap game as we know. He is part of “rap’s saving generation”. Yachty has faced criticism in the past and present by attracting friction from both old and new artists alike.

Here is what Lil Yachty said, “Older hip-hop people, don’t understand evolution, or just don’t want it. One of the two.” What Lil Yachty means is that old people don’t understand evolution in music regardless of genre. That last part of his statement is true. A lot of older people don’t want evolution to happen in the world of music. Many older people are resistant to change and evolution. One example is when Ice T dissed Soulja Boy back in 2007. (Older hip-hop people is a reference to older heads, old heads, and older hip hop heads.)

I’m The Mac is a bragging rights sort of track perform solely by Lil Yachty himself. The song has a melodic trap sound with the trap beats and autotune inside of his vocals as emcees/raps. The autotune is very prevalent in this song.

The lyrics in the chorus shed light on his bragging rights.

I’m the mack with the MAC, huh (I’m the mack)
I’m the mack, I’m the mack (Mack)
Minor setbacks for major comebacks, ooh (A’ight)
I’m the mack, I’m the mack (Skeet)
I’m the mack, I’m the mack (Skeet)

Despite facing minor setbacks, Lil Yachty was able to make major comebacks. He grew up poor and came from poverty. Now he is one of rap’s top selling artists next to Eminem, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. That is what the lyrics “Minor setbacks for major comebacks” mean.

Both Kevin Gates and Lil Yachty pay homage and tribute to the Magnolia neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana on the song Nolia. Lil Yachty was inspired by Kevin Gates when the song was written. That is where the inspiration came from.

Now the chorus pays homage and tribute to the Magnolia neighborhood by naming all the surrounding streets and neighborhoods that surround that neighborhood. Read the lyrics.

[Chorus: Lil Yachty]
All at the Grove, yeah (Lil Boat)
Hot as a stove, yeah (Yeah)
Breakin’ the bank down (Breakin’ the bank)
My bitch from the Nolia (My bitch from the Nolia)
Whippin’ the whip ’round (Whippin’ the whip)
Shawty, she been down (Shawty, she been)
Shawty, she been down (Shawty, she been)
Bitch from the Nolia (Shawty, she been)

This woman Lil Yachty is dating is insecure about her looks and she doesn’t think she is worth it to him. That is what the song Worth It is about. She doesn’t think she is perfect when looking in the mirror.

She don’t think she worth it
In the mirror, she don’t think she perfect
Late night on the net, she be surfin’
Looking for a surgery to purchase
Mmm, shit I think you fine though
If that’s what you wanna do, it’s fine though
You gon’ be a 10 either way
I wouldn’t have you any other way

Lil Yachty likes a sophisticated and educated woman. She thinks Lil Yachty won’t understand her problems because he is a man. But Lil Yachty doesn’t give a fuck. He loves her for who she is.

[Verse 1]
Ooh, you sophisticated (Ooh), educated
Held up for herself, it’s perpetuated
But she look in the mirror and get devastated, why?
She said I won’t understand ’cause I am a man
Baby, that’s alright, let’s take a trip out to the sand
I don’t give a fuck if your titties don’t stand
I won’t give a fuck if your lips kinda thin
You is still a 10, let me come in
Get rid of your friends
Let me come in tonight
Let me come in tonight
Let me phone in tonight

I rate this album 4/5****!

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