Review: Lil Wyte – No Sick Days

Lil Wyte was happy musically when he wrote this album as stated in the liner notes for this album. Lil Wyte never left his roots because he was groomed by the biggest producers in the industry which are DJ Paul and Juicy J. No Sick Days is a personal favorite album of his. He recorded the album for himself as stated in the liner notes. (I did it for ME.) This is the first album he has recorded for himself.

The album consists of well put together classics such as It’s 4:20, Soon You’ll Understand, Run Up, No Sick Days, and Space. It’s a privilege to hear music like this because not everyone gets to hear this type of album. Lil Wyte is also Memphis rap at its finest.

The irony that a producer would produce a track called “It’s 4:20” is truly hilarious! Ironically the producers name is Stoner (Thomas Toner). Although the track is produced by Stoner, Lil Wyte wrote the track. The track itself is the highlight of this album with its stoner humor, drug references, songwriting, production, and irony. Prouduction was key towards making this song a classic.

Run Up with La Chat is gangsta rap track with a snap music vibe. Honestly anything with La Chat featured on it is going to be an instant underground classic because, let’s face it, La Chat is a legendary female rapper from Memphis, Tennessee.

Soon You’ll Understand is a track that was dedicated to the daughters of Lil Wyte. Soon You’ll Understand is dedicated to his daughters McKenzie and Cali. It takes a lot for a man to put his feelings out for the world to see clearly what he feels or believes.

No Sick Days is clearly the title track for this Lil Wyte album. DJ Burn One produced the track No Sick Days while Lil Wyte wrote it. Lil Wyte wrote this track himself with no outside help or influences from his peers. Or any outside influences at that.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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