Review: Jaga Jazzist – Pyramid

Norwegian 9-piece instrumental jazz band Jaga Jazzist is back with a brand digital new album for 2020 called Pyramid. This album is an incredible recording as Jaga Jazzist returned to their “organic” tradition of using mind-blowing complex orchestration. Jaga Jazzist keeps improving with their sound, production, and orchestration on each album. Highlights on this album include Spiral Era and The Shrine.

Spiral Era uses such relaxing angelic and harmonic synths over lush violin strings as the song uses complex orchestration and arrangements. The structure is good. Lush violin strings and drums section is what makes this recording stand out. Spiral Era is a favorite off the album and amongst jazz fans.

The Shrine uses a beautiful horn selection. Horns transcend into the violin string ensemble perfectly in an orchestrated manner over electronic synths. A touch of progressive rock is used also. Progressive rock meets jazz on The Shrine. Of course sometimes 9 people playing instruments loudly at the same time can turn into a mess, and that is what happens in this song. Do not fret. The song still has breathtaking moments such as the beginning and bridge.

Tomita uses a fresh organic jazz fusion of smooth jazz soothing to the ears. The tone is downtempo and mellow. The song will take you on a smooth jazz expedition.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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