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Review: Oobie – Oobabyi

Oobie – Oobabyi is a beautiful seductive album and product of the Crunk R&B era of the mid-2000s which had provocative songs such as Ooh Na Na, Pussy Control, Sexxy Dance, One Night Stand, Moist, and Dirty Dancin’. Many of the songs are seductive charmers. You Don’t Know Me and Put That Thang On Me with Twista are just as seductive as well.

There was heavy involvement from crunk king Lil Jon (The King of Crunk) and his production team on her debut album. Oobie began working closely with crunk king Lil Jon’s production team during the early to mid 2000s which was back when she and Lil Jon were signed to TVT Records. The recording process for this album lapsed from 2000 to 2003. The seductive crunk R&B singer had a string of buzz singles such as Ooh Na Na, Nothing’s Free, Sexxy Dance, I Wonder, Pussy Control, and Dirty Dancin’ were produced by the crunk king Lil Jon.

Oobie – Oobaybi was originally scheduled to be released in April 2003 on TVT Records. That was the original release date for her album. However due to the rising success of Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, TVT Records put Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz as top priority for the label which led the release date for her debut album to be pushed back to September 7, 2003. That date got pushed to September 23, 2003. However the release date for her debut album would suffer constant push backs to several dates. The album was finally pushed back to 2005.

Sadly her debut album was never released and remains unreleased today. The reason her debut album was shelved was because somehow none of the buzz singles had any success on the Billboard Charts. None of her buzz singles charted on the Billboard Charts. This led TVT Records to make the decision to shelve her debut album in 2005. It’s a shame her debut album never got an official release because she could really sing. She deserved to have her be released. 2005 was really the year of broken promises.

Oobie – Oobabyi was a lost album and product of the Crunk R&B era of the mid-2000s that got lost in the shuffle of the Crunk era. Crunk R&B was becoming increasingly popular thanks to fellow ATLiens Ciara, Shawnna, and Rasheeda. Lil Jon and Oobie tried to imitate Ciara’s popularity which is why you can hear her sound all over Oobie’s debut album.

Dirty Dancin was the female crunk anthem for the dance floor in clubs of the mid-2000s from 2003 to 2005. This song was produced by crunk king Lil Jon and originally appeared on the 2003 album Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz – Part II. Dirty Dancin is about dancing in a provocative manner which consists of dirty dancing that is considered explicit.

According to some DJ’s that circulated this song on their mixtapes, this song was planned to be used on Ciara’s Goodies album at one point but her label passed on that idea because it wasn’t “clean” enough for her friendly Crunk R&B image at the time. So the song ended being given to Lil Jon and Oobie.

We need all the ladies in the place to report to the dance floor right about now! If you didn’t come to party, then you can get the hell out of here! Okay! Let’s go!

Oobie will perform a dirty dance for you. She’ll shake her ass for you. Then she will drop hit pants when you get up on the dance floor. Shawty, she can prance when you get up on the dance floor.
She will dirty dance on you when she gets her hands on you.

Oobie turns men on by showing them her thong. You can’t and won’t believe all this ass is her. Savor these 31 flavors. She’s gonna shake and turn out this party as she will break it down now! Now we got ourselves a party. So come on now everybody! Let’s go! We’re dirty dancing. Fuck all that romancing. Come hit the dance floor. It’s ready with Oobie. Where you at?

All my ladies, if you got a big butt, go ahead and throw your hands up. All my ladies, if you don’t give a fuck and you’re ready to cut, say, “I’ma dirty dance for ya. I’ma shake my ass for ya. I’ma drop my pants when you get up on da dance floor. I’ma dirty dance on ya when I get my hands on ya.”

She is sending this ass on a shakin’ spree. You wanna touch it? She might let you rub it. You can hang with a freak like her. Now it’s time to light the candles. Everyone’s sippin’. Nobody’s trippin’. Everyone’s dirty dancin’ with Oobie.

Get up on the dance floor. Okay ladies, it’s time to take this thing to another level! I need for you to look around in the club and look for a thug. We’re gonna turn it out a little something like this! Come on!

All my single ladies, go head grab you a thug. Show that nigga some love. All my sexy ladies, if you’re horny right now, go ahead and break that shit down one more time. Get up on to the dance floor. She’ll dirty dance for you.

This Sexy Christmas is a seductive and sexually provocative holiday rendition to the Christmas classic This Christmas. The song appeared as one of the bonus tracks on the Crunk & Disorderly Kuts Sampler from 2003. Oobie and you are going to celebrate Christmas the Oobaybi way. That’s how we are going to celebrate Christmas.

Oobie feels sexy. So Oobie is gonna hang all her mistletoe because she wants to get to know you better. This Christmas you’re sexy as you want to be. She is hoping you and her can be together this Christmas the candle light is dimmed just right. She doesn’t wanna be alone tonight. This Christmas will be a very sexy Christmas for me.

Credit cards and shopping spree’s are the perfect gifts from you to her. It’s true this Christmas got Domino’s and Cognac. Oobie has got something special in her bag for you this Christmas. The candle light is dimmed just right.

The fire side is gleaming and she is wearing your favorite thong. It’s that time of year where she doesn’t wanna be alone. We’re gonna celebrate the Oobaybi way. So come let her bless you for this sexy holiday this Christmas. She doesn’t wanna be alone not tonight.

One Night Stand discussed the story of Oobie only wanted to be a part-time lover for one night only and not permanently because he could never be her man and can only be her one night stand.

Oobie is sitting knee on top of a man doing things that lovers do. But she doesn’t belong to him. What’s a girl supposed to do? What she does is begs for her man to give her one night with him to make all their dreams come true. He could never be her man. He can be her one night stand.

This is because she knows he’s got a girl and he knows Oobie’s got a man. So they both respect the game and have a one night stand. Everybody wants to know but they wouldn’t understand. So both of them keep it on the low and have a one night stand. She tells him, “Just make sure you get enough because you can’t get it no more.”

Well it’s about a quarter to 3 AM. It’s just him and Oobie. You know she’s down for whatever and she aims to please. It’s only for this one night. Oobie hopes that he’ll come well prepared because she wants him to know that she ain’t ever scared. If he wants to fuck RSVP, she’ll be there. These lames ain’t got not shame. The liquor is the blame for these lames.

Big Sam big filled with Almond Joy. He is something like a freak. Come and ride out wit’ cha’ boy. So keep the games for the middle of the week. For one night he’s gotta make her his.

Moist explains how Oobie’s man get Oobie so moist. Moist is a medium bass driven slow jam which is backed by a treble reduced guitar that sounds muffled by a filter of some sort. The only downside is that Lil Jon ruins the song by rapping on it which makes the rhythm and mood off balance.

While attention is way too thick Oobie can taste her man’s skin on her lips. She is trying to hold the time. He knows that thing she wants. Oobie wants her man to take her phone out and kick his friends out. She wants to start right here on his couch.

Then she asks him to pour a shot because he knows what’s next. He has got Oobie so moist. She has moistened her panties. When he touches her spot, that gets her burning hot. She asks him to make it down before she gets up on top. Then she asks him to put his face down there while she is playing his hair. It is guaranteed she’ll make things calm.

Lil Jon knows why Oobie wants it and knows why she needs it. Nobody beats it up the way that Lil Jon beats it. (And no, this is not a reference to beating your meat bka masturbation.) She said that Lil Jon is a champion because he is undefeated and he makes it hard for her whenever she needs it. Soft and wet. Lil Jon will give it to Oobie until she can’t take no more. That’s that just and bust, wet wide, slip-n-slide. It’s a dripped out when she ride. Slow and steady. She’s so kinky. They get super wet like some Master God down the side.

Oobie gets so moist when Lil Jon touches her and kisses her. Her panties get soaked when she gets touched below. He’s got her so moist.

Ooh Na Na Naa Naa is a horny seductive provocative crunk R&B and rap track that gives away the freaky deeky zeeky on why Oobie is so horny. Oobie is so horny because she wants a man to fuck her. That is the primary basis of the song. Things do get sexual of course.

Oobie is so horny because she wants a man to fuck her. She is tired of masturbating. This has got her body shaking. No orgasm is faking with her. She hopes he is ready for love because she got more than enough.

Oobie is just sitting in her lingerie sipping on some Alizé. Trying to figure all the ways she can make a man say, “Ooh baby. Right there. Don’t stop. Put it in your mouth. Twirl it round til’ you make it pop.” Now Oobie is gonna make a man sweat when he goes down in between her legs. He’s gonna be fantasizing about these lovely thighs of. It’s gonna be hypnotizing.

Devin the Dude sees her pussy lips smiling. They’ve been grinning like they want something up in them. He’s been wanting to ask Oobie for some sexual intercourse but he didn’t want to offend her. But now he sees she is about as freaky as him. He busted 2 nuts already. Now Oobie waiting for number 3. Oobie asks Devin what will it take to get him hard again. He say saliva but he sees Oobie ain’t down for swallowing. She’d rather have it on her skin.

Big Sam doesn’t want stop her to stop cumming and rising to the top because she sucks dick so good that makes him want to call the cops. And it doesn’t make no sense the way she sucks the dick. The way Oobie licks from the shaft to the dome of the dick (penis). Big Sam can’t lie. He loves the shit. Big Sam will rock her world. He lays the kinda pipe that make her toes curl.

Nothin On is a seductive crunk R&B song which describes how Oobie decides to call her favorite guy at night to tell him she is not wearing any clothing.

As the night approaches Oobie decides to call her favorite guy because she doesn’t wanna be at home alone. She wishes that her would hurry home It’s going on tonight. She has got a surprise for him. There’s nothing that she won’t do for him. Tonight she’ll sleep with nothing on. She wants him to hurry home because she’ll be waiting for him.

Chyna Whyte is hitting her man on the two-way cell phone shit because she wants it bad. She ain’t thinking about nothing but him and her blowing hash in the midnight hour. She knows he is thugging in the streets about his money. But he best respect this pussy as it got the power. You can’t deny the way she twerks this ass here. I’m talkin’ freaky on this here. These titties are perky. Just lay back because Chyna Whyte on a mission to please. She’s got a quarter pound of that weed. They can go to the verge. She likes it real deep with no rubber. She is about to get burnt in here.

Lil Jon’s baby momma is sleeping. So tonight he creeping down Interstate 20 (I 20) going westbound to where Oobie rests. The way Oobie gives Lil Jon head is the best. He busts a nut (ejaculates semen) on her chin. She makes a preacher man sin. Now they are butt naked and fucking all on the floor. Lil Jon’s got her screaming louder than a $2 dollar hoe. He is beating that pussy up like a heavy weight fight.

Big Sam hits the door with nothing in his mind. So when Oobie is feeling freaky. She can call Big Sam anytime. There is no small talk or foreplay going on tonight. All the freaky things she does has got him going crazy. But however he can’t fall in love with the cut. Just stop by to hit it quick and get enough. On that purple hydro, Alizé, and Hennessy. So you already know Big Sam is talkin’ freaky on this here.

Bo Hagon will beat the pussy up and leave her in bed with her legs shaken. She’ll wake up alone by 2 AM in the morning and be like, “Damn, Hagon.” He knows she is freaky. She doesn’t have to admit it. He will take women that are petite or thick in the thighs. Tonight Oobie will sleep with nothing on. She wants him to hurry home because she’ll be waiting for him. She is waiting all alone and she doesn’t want to wait too long.

The beautiful titular track Oobaybi was produced by the crunk king Lil Jon. Oobie’s love for Teedra Moses helped her write the titular track Oobaybi. Sadly this beautiful song was never fully released.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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