Review: Nicknack ‎– Nobody Else

Nicknack ‎– Nobody Else is one of many electronic singles from the Austin electronic scene that got very much overlooked. Electronic meets jazz and soul on this single. Nicknack himself handles everything from scratching songs to mixing, mastering, and artwork. Most of the songs are played at a time signature of 7|8 time. This single was released as a digital download on his bandcamp page in 320kbps MP3 format and FLAC format in 2011.

The sounds of Jazz meet Motown-era soul, psychedelic funk, and electronic on the song Nobody Else. The song uses soulful vocal samples, lively drums, and funky heavy bass. Think of this song as a drums and bass song. The song has a warm feeling. Nobody Else is played in G Major and in 9B Camelot form at a tempo of 105 BPM. The song is played in 8|8 time.

Sevens is a psychedelic funk song backed by thick instrumentation and is driven heavily by beats. The song is played in 7|8 time. The sounds of psychedelic funk meet Motown-era soul and electronic. You can definitely hear the Motown-era soul sound on this song.

Life In The Speaker is a downtempo electronic instrumental produced by Nicknack himself. He puts in a spin of turnablism into this song. The song is played entirely at a time signature of 7|8 time. Very little to no distortion effects were used. This makes the song perfect.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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