Review: Nicknack ‎– Mustard Seed

Nicknack ‎– Mustard Seed is one of the best singles from the Austin electronic scene. The single uses a downtempo electronic trip hop sound mixed with jazz that is totally down to Earth. Electronic meets jazz on this single. Mustard Seed covers Freddie Hubbard’s masterpieces. All of the songs use drums and bass which makes this single considerably smooth and relaxing which is why the single has a relaxing mellow vibe. All of the songs included on this single are considered to be highlight tracks to the point where no song is worth skipping. Mustard Seed, In Hind Sight, and Salt Of The Earth are some of the highlights.

D Madness plays bass on half of this single while Brannen Temple plays the drums on half of this single. Ephraim Owens plays those trumpet solos. You can’t go wrong with D Madness playing bass, Brannen Temple playing the drums, and flugelhornist Ephraim Owens performing his trumpet solos.

Mustard Seed is a fantastic jazzy cover of Freddie Hubbard – Little Flower with live instrumentation from Nicknack, D Madness, Brennan Temple, and Ephraim Owens. D Madness plays bass while Ephraim Owens performs a wonderful trumpet solo. Brannen Temple plays the drums. You can never go wrong with D Madness playing bass and Ephraim Owens playing the trumpet. Mustard Seed is driven and backed by several layers of instrumentation. Mustard Seed samples Freddie Hubbard – Little Flower and Pépé Braddock – Deep Burnt.

Nice, soothing, romantic, and breathtaking are a few words to describe this song. Sadly Mustard Seed is a forgotten classic that many people slept on which is sad because this song is truly a masterpiece. Mustard Seed was used on his 2003 album Improving Silence.

Turntable Treats is a perfect song to use as a scratch tool for DJ’s as the song is laced with many breakbeats and samples. Perfect for a scratch session. Nicknack does no wrong when it comes to production as he is a wonderful producer.

Salt Of The Earth is a hip hop influenced jazz song which relies heavily on the sample of Hubert Laws – Tryin’ to Get the Feeling Again. D Madness plays bass while Brannen Temple plays the drums.

In Hind Sight is a relaxing jazz song backed by a piano and bass. Beautiful and amazing are a couple of words to describe the song. D Madness plays bass and Ephraim Owens performs his trumpet solo on the song In Hind Sight. You can’t go wrong with D Madness playing bass. D Madness has made a name for himself in the Austin music scene since he is a musician.

In Hind Sight covers and samples Freddie Hubbard – Love and Gladys Knight – The Way We Were. The vocal sample came from Gladys Knight – The Way We Were.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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