Review: Hayley Mary – The Piss, The Perfume

Hayley Mary – The Piss, The Perfume is a loud eccentric pop rock EP from 2020. The production is polished and cleanly. There are bittersweet love songs such as The Piss, The Perfume and Ordinary Me.

The titular The Piss, The Perfume is about finding bitterness through love. Sometimes bitterness comes in the sweetest places.

Hayley heard her man is coming back to Sydney, Australia. She had prepared reaction for this one. She’s sure he expects that she will break down and cry. Or slither away and stumble out her window as he skips by singing.

Don’t it come around? The wind and the sound. The slant in the room, the piss, the perfume always can somehow bring Hayley to tears whenever combined with pictures of her man come running through her mind. She heard he was coming back to Sydney, Australia. She thought he wasn’t for the simple life. She’s been lying to herself by telling herself that she is strong. But she’s gotta get out because she is in the rhythm of doubt. She should be back in the fight where she belongs. Not stumbling out of her window with his old t-shirt on. Hayley finds bitterness through love.

Holly is a song about a girl named Holly who tries to live a normal life in the the heart of America despite her attitude and behavior.

Where did Holly go after 1997? Did she grow out of the kleptomania? Holly’s a storm but she tries to live in the norm in the heart of America.

Holly is heating up that floor Her hollow cheeks and eyes are heavy noir. And as Holly lays down, Hayley fell to her knees. Now Holly’s name’s Victoria Yawn and her hair is paradise blonde. But Hayley still would recognise Holly on the news because she is the heart of America. She has soft Dior moisturized feet.

I rate this EP 4/5****.

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