Review: Marques Callaway – The Mayor Of Da South

Marques Callaway – The Mayor Of Da South is one of the most overlooked San Antonio soul albums to date. He sings in a beautiful melody with each song. His singing gradually captivates you. The sounds from this album will gradually captivate you too. The sounds from this album will gradually captivate you too as he sticks to the traditional sounds of orthodox R&B/soul while singing of course. Both men and women will wet themselves when hear his vocals and singing. Don’t underestimate his singing as he sings slow and thick on songs such as If Loving You Is Wrong and Be Alone Part II.

As you can see from the album cover, he is dressed in urban street fashion. This is because he took a more urban approach on this album musically by adding in hip hop sounds to the production with help from Ricé. San Antonio rap heavyweights such as Fade Dogg, Lil Sin, Lady Lunatic, Bigg Budd, and Nino appear on the album. However he tries too hard to be a rapper when he is a singer. That is evident on songs such as Was Beef, On Da Grind, and Hustla. He seemed to reinvented his image to be a rap singer on this album. There is nothing wrong with rap singing but rap singing doesn’t fit his image.

Ricé handled the production entirely himself as his role was being the producer for this album. Ricé was Marques Callaway’s in-house producer during the 2000s. Marques Callaway – The Mayor Of Da South was also one of the last albums that Ricé had produced before retiring from producing in 2007. He retired from producing and mastering to raise his children.

You know the old saying and song If Loving You Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right? Well that is what the song If Loving You Is Wrong is about. Sometimes loving someone is not the right thing to do and can be the wrong thing to do. Sometimes loving someone is the wrong thing to do. You’re better off that way in that case. The song samples Luther Ingram – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right.

This is one of the highlights off his album. His falsettos are soothing and soulful. He never goes wrong with singing any of his run. Old school soul meets neo-soul on If Loving You Is Wrong.

Let’s face it. This girl was the one for Marques. She keeps it real with him all the time. He asks her to marry him and be forever his. He loves her and can’t be without her. The bottom line is that he is faithful to her.

Be Alone Part II is the remix and reprise of the original Be Alone. This version is slightly faster in tempo than the original and the lyrics are different. This was the slow jam that got constant play in the clubs of San Antonio. Be Alone was an underground hit back in 2006. Be sure to listen to the beautiful melody of this song. The songs about a lady who does not want to be alone. This song is a highlight off the album.

She works very hard at her job to survive. Money is not a thing to her. Marques knows she doesn’t want to be alone. She is lonely and feeling blue. He knows she’s lonely but he has to grind. Clearly she don’t want to be alone. He sees the signs.

She thinks Marques is cheating on her. That is not true as he is faithful to her. He is doing all he can to keep happiness in their home. Hard work pays off. That’s the bottom line. She don’t want to be alone. She always calls his mobile phone when he’s gone. Of course she is mad. He tells her to change the tone in her voice before he gets mad as well. He knows that she doesn’t want to be alone. She is the only lover in his world.

The sultry tune Can I Buy You A Drink? that had that casual vibe and slick vibe. Marques gets into social interaction with a lady by asking her if he can buy her a drink and take her out to lunch. Clearly he wants to be with her. The song is dedicated to men who are looking for a special lady. That is the special that he is referring to.

Marques gets into social interaction with a lady by asking her, “Can I buy you a drink? Maybe take you to lunch.” He also tells her, “You can spend the night, baby. We can make it a brunch. I want you to love me tonight. Your body is so tight. I think it’s love at first sight.” He wants her to love.

Marques was in a club. He noticed this lady and she was so damn fine. Every part of her was fine. She was looking good to him. He had to plan on how he would make that lady his. Marques asks her for her name and who she is with. He’ll admit that he talks a fast game. His plan is to make everything alright for her to show that he is the right man for her and tells her they can do whatever she wants tonight.

Don’t Get Mad is about his girlfriend being mad at him for not being ready to be committed to a marriage. He is not ready to get married. Right now he is not ready to make that commitment for marriage. He tells her not to get mad. Things were working real perfect for them right now. At least that’s what he thought. One thing about the song that stands out is the double reverb. There is a reverb used in his vocals.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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