Review: Ginuwine – 100% Ginuwine

Ginuwine – 100% Ginuwine was one of the greatest R&B/Soul albums from a male solo artist for 1999 due to being such a huge commercial success. The album had commercially successful hits such as So Anxious, What’s So Different, Same Ol’ G, and None Of Ur Friends Business. His entire album was laced with Timbaland’s sultry production which consisted of his ultra thick drum patterns, loud claps, and prosperous snaps. Not to mention Ginuwine’s singing. Each song is worth listening to on this album. The album has slow jams for the bedroom at nighttime such as So Anxious and Wait a Minute.

So Anxious was the midnight mid tempo slow jam that had both men and women doing the bump and grind (bump n grind/grinding) back in the spring of 1999. Ginuwine is who is “so anxious” for his lover to return his calls so they can meet up and have sexual intercourse until the early morning. Ginuwine describes and explains how he is a sexaholic. That is the plot behind So Anxious. Ginuwine wrote this song for the grown and sexy people out there.

The music video for this song was played in constant rotation on BET during their Midnight Love hour. Heck the music video was played even during the day sometimes.

Ginuwine is home alone at 9 o’clock (9 PM). He is so anxious for his lover to return home. He has been paging her nonstop wishing that she would come over to his place. That is why he has been paging her nonstop from his pager. They can just keep talking about the last time she was here. What they did was only bubble baths and back rubs. They also had sexual intercourse which resulted in them having no sleep until morning came.

Ginuwine is so anxious. So he wants her to meet him at 11:30 PM. He loves the way she is talking dirty. Ginuwine wants her to quit stalling around because she knows and is well aware of the fact he is a sexaholic.

It’s 10:10 PM. Ginuwine wonders where his lover has been and if she did get his message. Her expression is telling Ginuwine that she’s been thinking the same thang he’s been thinking. She says she is working. Ginuwine tells her to hit him up just as soon as her shift is over. He’ll be waiting because he can’t sleep because he has been reminiscing about her and what they do.

As soon as she hits the door, Ginuewine will pull her down on the floor before they get to touch the bed. And before they get to hit the lights and before they start the candle lights. Ginuwine just wants to bump and grind. This is something that’s been on his mind.

The song What’s So Different? is about Ginuwine avoiding getting caught up in drama of someone else’s relationship. This woman who already has a man loves Ginuwine. But Ginuwine does not want to get involved with her. She was feeding him all this rap about how it’s different. But it’s not mentioned what she is doing is wicked. Now Ginuwine is having second thoughts about him and her because this is not he wants or it should be. He does not want to get caught up in drama. If she cheated on him, she’ll do it to Ginuwine.

Timbaland’s sultry signature production and beat programming is what made the song What’s So Different? catchy, enjoyable, and captivating to listen to. Timbaland’s spectacular beat programming and production is what made the song a hit and commercial success. Those drum sticks, infectious hand claps, thick toms, and snares are what helped made this song catchy, enjoyable, and successful. You can tell Timbaland put his foot in programming the beats. He was in his prime in the late 1990s. Timbaland used his signature production of thick drum patterns, infectious loud claps, thick toms, prosperous snaps, and snares.

This woman says she loves Ginuwine. But at one time she loved another man. So what’s so different? Ginuwine asks her, “Tell me if you were in my shoes. What would you do or think of me? Would you trust me?”

This woman says she wants Ginuwine’s trust and had told Ginuwine she was leaving her current lover which is her man. But Ginuwine does not want to get involved with her because he does not want to get caught up in drama which is related to her current relationship with her man. It’s not mentioned what she is doing is wicked. Now Ginuwine is having second thoughts about him and her because this is not he wants or it should be. If she cheated on him, she’ll do it to Ginuwine. But what the hell is different?

Like the saying goes, you reap what you sow. And what goes around comes back around to you five times harder. Ginuwine is pretty sure that he’s thinking. But she is here in Ginuwine’s rimmed-up drop top with him. All hugged up and all over him. Kissin’ all of him. Is that to get Ginuwine where she wants him to be? Ginuwine doesn’t want this to happen to him. So he drops her off for her to go back to her current lover.

Ginuwine tells his lady why they don’t have to fight. He explains how they can talk things over and resolve their problems in their relationship. That is the plot of Wait a Minute.

Ginuwine and his lady have been fighting lately due to problems that have risen in their relationship. Ginuwine tells his lady they don’t have to fight. He tells her, “Wait a minute. Don’t you hear me, baby? It’s gonna be alright. We don’t have to fight.”

Ginuwine’s pager rings. He picks it up and his lady is telling me that her girl peeped him rollin down the ave in his Range Rover pumpin out his new hits. It’s his lady saying that she saw him cheating. Now he is all confused. Why is she hating on him? Ginuwine doesn’t really know what this is all about but he is going to find out.

Then his mind wanders. He starts thinking back at the party when she was all up in his face and grabbing on his arm telling him things like how she was the bomb. Now for him it’s clearer instead she doesn’t see the truth. But she wants Ginuwine near her. Ginuwine tells his lady the truth by saying, “Now don’t believe a thing your girl says. She wants to have what you have all. It is jealousy. Baby, put your trust in me. She really wants to ride my pony, but you’re the one I’m giving it. You’re the one I’m living with. Giving all my stuff and shit. So why you wanna doubt our love? Don’t let her break our world.”

He tells his lady to check her girl. He tells her, “Before you question me you need to check your girl. She done dished out more than she can take and her ass can’t handle it. But you’re my woman and we’re one. And I’m not having it. I’m sure you believe in me and I’m sure you can see the truth in me.”

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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