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C-Ordell’s self-titled album from 1996 was a heavyweight lyrical rap album with the funky smooth laid G-Funk production from Ricé’s signature production style of double bass and double guitars on top of high quality sound. He uses quadruple layers on many of the songs. You have party jams such as All I Wanna Do and Party. The album is filled with mostly party jams.

C-Ordell’s self-titled album was supposed to be released by BLVD Records in 1996 but wasn’t due to Lil Sin’s popularity. So what happened was C-Ordell’s second album was pushed to the side due to Lil Sin’s popularity.

C-Ordell’s second album was already finished and was ready to be released right before Lil Sin’s second album Who Got Yo Back was ever recorded. Everything was recorded in the year of 1996 with Ricé producing the album using his signature production style of quadruple layers which is double synths, double bass, and double guitars. Finesse 1 produced a handful of songs for his album.

A news article and interview about C-Ordell’s second album was printed in Street Vibes magazine in 1996 with an article about Lil Sin’s Frustrated BY Death album and the CEO of BLVD Records. C-Ordell says, “My first album was my right of passage but my next album will be my destiny.” He was already working tracks for his next album at the time of the news article.

The album still remains unreleased to this day. There’s probably no chance C-Ordell’s second album will ever be released since BLVD Records got shut down by the federal government and the IRS for tax evasion in March 1998. C-Ordell’s self-titled album only exists on ADAT. The album never got issued onto CD and cassette as C-Ordell and BLVD never got to that stage.

Smoke Filled Room is and ode to ganjah smokers and weed smokers. Smoke Filled Room is the weed smokers anthem which is an ode to 420. This is a good song to light up a doobie to and watch some pornography flick with. Everybody is smoking ganjah on Smoke Filled Room.

You can hear the sound of San Antonio in this with Ricé’s signature production style of quadruple layers which is double synths, double bass, and double guitars. Denise James sings in the background while Ricé uses his vocals on the chorus. The guitar is played by Daryl Surratt.

Party is a remix of BLVD is Rollin’ from his debut album from 1994 called Under Investigation. C-Ordell shows us how he rolls with BLVD Records because ain’t no party like a BLVD party because a BLVD party is the shit!! Ricé produced the song with heavy layers of double guitars and double bass.

Party produced by Ricé and Finnesse 1 with Michael Parker playing on the keyboard and Daryl Surratt playing the guitar. Denise James sings the background vocals.

C-Ordell wakes up bright and early in the morning. He reaches for a sherm stick. Twisting on his skull cap ready to get loose. He ate breakfast with no gin. Just juice. He is feeling woozy from last night. Yet he is still ready to get titled off that unfiltered chronic for $10 dollars. So He hits his cousin Suga Bear up on the phone. Suga Bear is at Plentz Park in the Willowwood Estates. Suga Bear is chilling under the pavilion while drinking Heineken. He is ready to get titled kinda slow. C-Ordell knows he wants more money.

C-Ordell came up with the idea to throw a shindig by inviting all the fellas and women. That way he can slow dance. He asks Suga Bear to pick him up and give him a chance.

Suga Bear arrives to C-Ordell’s residence. Sparks of Southfield Killas is in the passenger seat of Suga Bear’s car. Sparks is drilling C-Ordell about this trick that he is macking to. Has C-Ordell met any of her friends? Is she down with the set? Those are the questions C-Ordell is wondering.

C-Ordell hooked up friends and company with Swisher Sweets for this evening. Next thing you know a whole crowd form and circulates around C-Ordell. Tight as a bum smoking on that horn. He is feeling kind of tipsy while in between a bass and a guitar stroll. Loud as a drum pushing out funky jams. He is having a real good time.

The pavilion at Plentz Park is packed. C-Ordell is smoking on a big fat Swisher Sweet cigarette. C-Ordell is a funk expert. Plus the main reason he is smiling is because he is seeing more cat than a mountain lion. C-Ordell wouldn’t know what to do if there was no leisure time for himself. Or any down time to be by himself. It ain’t noting but a party going on. BLVD is rollin’!

The tightest lyrics to this song were:

Next thing you know
A whole crowd form
Tight as a bum smoking on that horn

My name is C-Ordell
And I’m a funk expert
And plus the main reason I’m smiling
I’m seeing more cat than a mountain lion

It ain’t noting but a party going on
BLVD is rollin’

Pick a brother up
Take a chance

Well waking up bright and early in the morning
Cranking up the system
Reaching for the sherm
Twisting on my skull cap
Ready to get loose
Ain’t breakfast with no gin
Just juice

I’m feeling kind of tipsy I might say so
Loud as a drum pushing out funky jams

All I Wanna Do is about C-Ordell wanting to have sex. All he wants to do is have sex. He has sex with this woman in a hotel. Afterwards he asks her to leave her phone number on the dresser. She couldn’t stop the way he was bringing love to her. Ricé used his signature style of production with his quadruple layers. You can hear his sound all over the album. He also contributes his vocals.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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