Good Burger. The movie with a cult following of millennials.

Nickelodeons’s Good Burger movie from 1997 will bring back nostalgic childhood memories to many 80s and 90s babies out there. The movie has a cult following millennials who grew up with and watched the film. Nick kids loved Kenan and Kel. That is a fact that cannot be disputed. The fact that two of the biggest stars from All That is why Good Burger has such a significant cult following and is still enjoyed to this day.

Many movie critics such as have called Good Burger one of the weirdest films in children’s entertainment. This may be true. Good Burger is one of the weirdest films in children’s entertainment and in the history of children’s entertainment. Not to mention the history of children’s movies. No wonder this movie is popular with millennials.

The zany erratic off-the-wall humor from actor Kel Mitchell (frequent actor who starred in the All That television series) is what made this movie such a success. Nickelodeon put together a quality kids movie for many generations to enjoy. Kel Mitchell played the role of a dimwitted teenager that was a fast-food employee who worked in a goofy manner to save the Good Burger restaurant from dissolved due to competition from Mondo Burger.

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