Review: Kokane & Clint Dogg – International Ganxtaz

Kokane & Clint Dogg – International Ganxtaz is a US-Australian rap album which has that heavy G-Funk influence with mixing and arrangements made by Kurt Kobane (former Death Row Records producer) and Clint Dogg. There is amazing talent and such outstanding brehsiveness on the album. This album is a bit more upbeat than his previous albums.

Kurt Kobane produced 9 songs for the album and Clint Dogg produced 4 songs for the album. A few of the beats were produced by 4 different people. A guy from Turkey produced beats for one of the songs on the album. Müzikalite Ent produced one of the beats for one of the songs on the album. Clint Dogg co-produced 2 songs.

The recording process of International Ganxtaz took 6 years. Clint Dogg first publicly announced the news about the International Ganxtaz on his Facebook profile on the date of December 31, 2016. The album was 96% complete at the time of announcement because Clint Dogg had to have just one more verse drop so he could then put some final touches on the album. The album was finally released on Xmas 2020 through Spotify.

Cherry Pie is a G-Funk love song with a romantic loving vibe, tone, and sound. Funk and soul meet rap on Cherry Pie thus creating a G-Funk fusion. The smooth laid back sound leaves much to be desired. This song is similar to those West Coast rap songs from the 1990s and 2000s. Clint Dogg did a killer job on the turntables with the vinyl scratches. The scratches do not overlap the rest of the instrumentation because those vinyl scratches you hear were set a medium level volume. Now some of the some of the synths sound similar to the synths and chords that were used in Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message.

All Nite Longis another solid song on the album which Kurt Kobane put in his solid efforts of his production into. His production words are what helped make the song memorable. Kurt Kobane put in that classic Death Row sound in All Nite Long.

Now the original version of International Ganxtaz was the back and forth duet between Clint Dogg and Kokane. The US-Australian rap collaboration. The original version of International Ganxtaz had contributors from countries such as Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Kurt Kobane brought forward that classic West Coast sound with a new fresh touch of modernized production on So High. So High is the best song on the album next to Mo & Mo.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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