Review: Rasheed – Let the Games Begin

Rasheed – Let the Games Begin is one of the lesser known Dope House Records albums that did not receive a lot of attention outside its home state of Texas. This platinum sounding album did not get much recognition. There is a bit of Spanish rap with Latin flavor (Spanglish) on songs such as Game Time and El Soldado. That makes the album unique in a sense. This raw lyricist also brings in that Philly flavor to the mix. Not surprising since he is from Philadelphia. He comes with anger, aggression, and fury in his flows. He showed maturity since his last album especially with songs such as Children.

Rasheed shows his love to the kids on the song appropriately titled Children. Rasheed wrote this out of love for the kids of the Earth. You can hear Rasheed talking to his kids throughout the song. The song showcased Rasheed’s maturity since he became a parent. This is the world through the eyes of a child.

Remember back in the day when parents giving us a thrashing. Digging in that ass like its some kind of passion. And now he understands why. Just watching his children growing up makes a hustler wanna cry. Because everything we’ve been through, they must experience. Will they learn the hard way? Or come up with common sense? But what about the baby lying lonely in the dumpster that was never given a chance. Will they be a victim of hunger?

This happens year after year. Little Ray made it pass the pacifier. Now he is a passive liar. People say Little Ray is now a murderer for hire.

Little John and his gang initiation. His mission is findin in the enemy location. So he goes out on an infiltration. The soldier got his stripes in one round. That has got his comrades hype. Hopin and dreaming to stereotype. Undercover officers penetrated the G cult. Police captured and arrested Little John on the spot. He was tried as an adult and is now serving a life sentence. This is the world through the eyes of a child.

Ever wonder why you keep finding Barbie dolls dismantled? Because someone’s husband got his step-daughter watching the porno channel. Touching her in an inappropriate way. His brain will loop it over and over until he finds love in this wicked world.

Rasheed showcases his lyrical skills as a lyrical gladiator on Let the Games Begin. Y’all niggas ain’t got no win. Let the games begin!

Rasheed is a lyrical gladiator. It is hysterical when he goes bustin’ at a hater in an all black navigator. He is too sick to see with these suicidal symphonies to get with his handle business efficiently. Rasheed is officially certified platinum with these lyrical murders. Blowin’ like landmines. Brainless bodies droppin’ in no particular order. Prepare for slaughter ammunition is gettin’ shorter. Watch his muthafuckin’ head drift down the Nile River. Graphic murders three dimensional witch doctors. Killin’ like Shaka from Port Lovaca to Morocco.

Rasheed stays raw and real with the murderous skill. Especially in the battlefield. Humidity heated when he steps in the arena. Better come cleaner with felonies. What you’re tellin’ him’s a misdemeanor. Put a nigga on ice in a graveyard hill. Bombs go off like firecrackers. Demolition turn your hood into a sand castle.

Rasheed explained his passion for rapping on Passion. This is Rasheed’s passion. You know a playa like him is always ready for action. And he won’t quit until he gets his satisfaction my satisfaction.

Rasheed gets the rush on the stage from the words he puts on the page. Rippin up in a criminal rage. Passionate dashing inside the ghetto maze. Shining like Uranus. Bring sun to you on rainy days. Ways of the wise don’t kill the messenger before the message. You know Rasheed from Philly to the Houston, Texas.

Sweaty tears give a nigga spasms. Make the average female listen to close and have an orgasm. He has them by the tens of thousands lighting his fire because living through him they feel the passion of his desire. No discussion or repercussion rush the process of his rapping and skills. The beats are gonna keep his lyrics complete. In the Dope House you know is where he was makin his moves.

Rasheed has gotta keep it as true as he can from the movie screen to the rapping art. That’s how he is building his foundation. Apart of the chosen few showing you how it really is.

Game Tight is the tight dual language track which is the English-Spanish track Think Spanglish. Think Spanish rap with Latin flavor with the English language. The rest of the song is rapped in the English language while Low G’s verse is rapped in the Spanish language.

Here is what Low G said in Spanish.

[Low G]
Si mon
Es el pelom de Houston
Max Mannili, Rasheed, and my nigga J-Von
Didn’t I tell you just to leave my ass alone
No hai perdon
Rippin your heart wit the microphone
Yo te dedico esta cancion
Y ya no llores si estoy laqueado
En la prison
Dia dia
Y ano ano
Si tusupireras
Y no medigas que no

Here is the English translation of what Low G said.

[Low G]
yes mon
It’s the hair of Houston
Max Mannili, Rasheed, and my nigga J-Von
Didn’t I tell you just to leave my ass alone
there is no forgiveness
Rippin your heart with the microphone
I dedicate this song
And don’t cry anymore if I’m lacquered
in prison
Day day
and year year
if you were to
And don’t measure that you don’t

El Soldado explained how much of a sneaky soldier Rasheed was.

Rasheed is your sneaky Sicilian creeping the streets like a Dominican civilian. Another mudafuckin Lucky Luciano swindelin from San Fran to Costa Rica. He’s got a hundred kilos stuffed in the Winnebago. Hasta la vista. Bullets move the speed of a cheetah. He’s got Laquita in the Burb to the back for Lupita. They can’t defeat his fleet. It’s a must they keep the heatas for the crooked criminals contemplation.

Drinks that passion the night for the paper. Don’t fuck with the chief Puffin that Panama red Indian. Rasheed feels a thrill as he flies over the Bay. He works with faces that look strange as chameleons changing. Be ready for the rumble with the five-o talkin to Columbo.

His street vendetta is quality. He is on a suspicious search to the final clue. A part of the investigators perk. Moving seven digit serial numbers imperial. You’re dealing with a devil dumper. Traveling like an astro van with the possibility to chop the cop facility like trees in tranquility. It takes a sec to wreck opposition systematic crackin dummies. Automatic for drama addicts. Ghetto government a kind of gangsterism got him locked up in this motherfuckin prison.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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