Review: Jonas Kopp ‎– Ruda EP

Jonas Kopp ‎– Ruda EP is a perfectly pure techno EP which has those futuristic techno sounds, bitcrushed synths, and oriental sounding drums. Ruda is another breathtaking release from techno underdog Jonas Kopp. The whole EP is a beautiful instrumental techno soundscape. The EP was released as a digital download and vinyl in 2010 on the Curle Recordings label from Belgium.

Dangerous was the digital only bonus track on the Ruda EP. This song was not included on the vinyl edition. This song is absolutely perfect for the dance floor or lounge. Bitcrushed drums and light cymbals are the sounds you can expect to hear on Dangerous. Jonas Kopp is a genius when it comes to composing and arranging songs.

Mico is long of being anything mid tempo but not downtempo. The song is yet another upbeat song arranged and composed by Jonas Kopp himself. Some of the synths are stripped down by a delay feature. However the only difference is this song uses a mixture of shakers unlike the other songs on this EP and there are not any bitcrushed synths present. The tempo picks up rather quickly on this song. Those leads at the 4:20 mark are infectious but not too funky though.

The title track is considered to be a timeless classic by fans of Jonas Kopp. This is due to the infectious synths and upbeat tempo.

Flanter Filnger is a song perfect for the dance floor due to the upbeat tempo, infectious synths, and electronic techno soundscape. The beats ands synths are what really stand out. The synths are infectious and groovy. You can feel a buildup with the beats as the song plays.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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