Review: Finn Askew – Tokyo EP

Finn Askew’s new Tokyo EP gives pop music a breath of fresh air and sensualization. No autotune and just pure crispy clear singing vocals. Many of his songs are melody heavy and are an organic slice of perfection. The EP has LGBTQ friendly songs such as Tokyo, the shaky Grey, and the sensuous Cherry Bomb.

The title track, Tokyo, is about a lesbian woman who travels to Tokyo to find her inner peace of zen through meditation. She hates men. So she will definitely hate Finn Askew. Finn Askew sees the beauty of her and attempts to get with her but to no avail.

This lesbian woman travels to Tokyo again. That is what the lyrics, “She is in Tokyo again” refer to. She meditates to find her zen as a method to find her inner peace. She is a lesbian woman who loves women and hates men.

She’s in Toyko again, eh
She meditates to find her zen, oh
She love women, she hate men (Woah)
I’m sure that she hates me too

Finn Askew sees the beauty of her and attempts to get with her. The beauty is in her face. However Finn is aware she is a lesbian and hates him as she loathes men. She speaks her mind which is what the lyrics, “You just speak your mind” imply. She hates the gossip around her. This lesbian doesn’t fuck with many trends. This means she is disconnected from the world and is out of touch. She’s so real. She don’t pretend. Finn comes to the realization that she does not want him.

Adidas is incidentally not about shoes but the type of drugs you can get high off of. The song has several references to drugs with the terms “molly” and “the green”.

Finn took a lot of molly so now he’ll be up all night. He talks a lot of shit because he knows that you like it. Finn just left the party but is still high as before. The green has got swerving out the place he originally present at like he got barred.

Grey deals with being in a relationship when things start getting shaky. The song explains how Finn copes with being in a shaky relationship and exactly what he does.

Finn is thinking about how every now and then he just needs warmth. It could be grey. Anything’s better than feeling the way he is feeling with his current mood and state of mind. He starts to feel himself when he gets high. Ultimately he ends up crashing to the ground full speed. What was he drinking? This what he does when relationships start sinking. Anything’s better than feelin’ this way. Don’t you think?

She said it was exclusive. Now she is onto some new shit. Finn just hears excuses every day. She tells Finn that he is a nuisance to her. He asks her, “So, girl, won’t you come and stay?”

He knows that she has been seeing different angles and perspectives on life ever since she started hanging with them angels. She begins telling him all these fables based on falsehood to escape hear reality as a method of escape behavior. She was talking out of pocket. Finn can’t help himself. He wants her and nobody else. She is in his mind.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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