Review: Elle Lexxa – Bubblegum

Elle Lexxa – Bubblegum is a horrifying pop album with drug themes and love songs. Some of the song titles are quite provocative. Songs such as Vacany and Liquorice use drug references. Not too surprising since the album was released in 2022.

The song Vacancy explained how the relationship to how a love between Elle and a certain man will never happen. The song explains how Elle’s heart has no vacancy inside.

We know it’s never gonna happen. But he is a junkie and Elle is a quarter tab of acid tucked under his tongue at 2 PM in the afternoon. Elle will make him howl at the moon. Yet she won’t make demands. She’ll feed his ego until he is eating from her hand. Fuck his late night rotation. She’ll leave him on read until he learns to be patient.

Elle’s heart has never had a vacancy. So he can wine and dine Elle. He can five-star vacation her too. He’s giving Elle fuck-boy vibes. But she doesn’t gamble with her time. Elle tells the man to sell her his soul if he wants to be hers. He can come and take a walk with her in a fantasy. She knows that the man digging on her is out looking for some modern love. She knows he’d let her sacrifice himself in her bath tub. She heard he wanted a girl with a bad reputation.

They could cut the tension like it’s butter with a hot knife. He can play Elle like she is Fortnite. Bite her like it’s Twilight. But then again it’s never gonna happen, right? Elle is a little selfish.

The lyrics to the chorus should have been sung as this.

Baby, my heart has never had a vacancy
So wine and dine and five-star vacation me
You’re giving a fuck-boy vibe
But I don’t gamble with my time
So sell me your soul if you want to be mine

The song Liquorice explained how Elle was still attached to her ex-boyfriend because she still has feelings for him. The song is sweet like and hence the theme of sweets.

Elle doesn’t wanna smile when she thinks about her ex-boyfriend. But he just feeds her sweet tooth.
And people know he couldn’t have Elle. But he talks to her like she is candy with his tongue on the wrapper. And Elle wants to get stuck in his head like liquorice.

This is looking like a sideshow. Elle gets the feeling everybody knows about their love. Yet she doesn’t want to make a scene. The pressurе is crawling up her earlobes. Elle is a serial monogamist who didn’t run the numbers when she kissed him. It’s exhausting as a virtue. Now she is back on top of him. But he is the thing that does her in.

North Star is a celestial fantasy love story of how Elle, who is a merchants daughter, falls in love with a boy at first sight. Elle plays the role of a merchants daughter in the song.

Elle was born a merchants daughter. The moon was low as there was something in the water. But he came in with the undertow with curls that spill and eyes that glow. He said, “You got North Star energy.” Elle said, “Thanks! I did pretty good in chemistry.” He said, “It’s a little early to confess.” Elle said, “Mmm darlin say less.”

He set her soul on fire. When he pulls Elle close, Elle demands he tell her she is the prettiest rose. He said, “Oh strike me up, like a flint lock. Tell me, my pearl, do you feel that spark? Come set my soul on fire light me up. I’m dynamite.” She traces the freckles on his face until they’re constellations. Cupid got Elle good this time.

Obsessed deals with a boy’s obsession over Elle.

A boy calls up Elle over the phone. He tells Elle, “Hey! I, um, I swung by, I didn’t see your car in the driveway, so I figured you must be out. Umm, I’ll just come and find you.” Elle tells him, “Are you a little obsessed?”

It’s Friday night, She just killed the lights in the apartment. Elle can feel his eyes on her from across the street at the Coffee shop on Joralemon Street in Brooklyn, New York. The truth is that he is ruthless. The evidence is quite conclusive. Would he just come clean? For it would seem he has been seen.

And she figured it out. He is obsessed with her. Beyond a doubt, he is getting pressed for her. Even though he is throwing shade, he is not her enemy because he is just obsessed.

Elle is focusing on building something to believe in. He is focusing on killing all of her achievements. Sneaking around downtown until the lights go out. This is not a circus. He’s just a clown. He’s just throwing shade.

Elle tells the boy over the phone, “I thought we could talk this out, keep it casual, factual. But you made it weird – like black sabbath, supernatural. And you know what, that’s fine. I played your game, and you lost it. You hammered the last nail Into your own coffin.”

I rate this album 4/5****!

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