Review: Green Eyez – High Blood Pressure

Green Eyez – High Blood Pressure is an album from one of Inglewood’s finest rappers named Green Eyez. This album has real gangsta rhymes for real gangsta on these streets. Songs such as Penitentiary Wallz and If You Was Me are songs with a bit of reality rap that deal with the consequences of street life and being a criminal. Some of Inglewood’s finest rappers such as Redrum 781, B Brazy, Lil Hawk, and Squeak Ru make guest appearances on the albums.

Green Eyez explained his status as a ghetto star of Inglewood on the song. He explained what the necessary requirements of a ghetto star also.

The young gangsta Green Eyez is gang affiliated. Soo Woop! He’s known for being unfaded, dog. Love it or hate it. Never perpetrated in this game because he always kept it real. And that’s some old true B-Dawgs worldwide can feel. Representin’ from Louisiana back to Inglewood. From the Swerve to 92nd Street they puttin’ it down. And forever never turnin’ his back on the hood. The young active ass killer Green Eyez is the ghetto super star.

A ghetto star has got to be having bank accounts hangin’ out, money, houses, pretty women and cars. Only the realest can feel a ghetto star living life in the fast lane. A ghetto star does dirt and lives life illegally.

Penitentiary Wallz explained Green Eyez prison experience. He explained in lengthy summary and detail about his prison experience. Behind these walls there is no pain no gain. There is so much drama behind these walls.

Green Eyez was locked up at Kern Valley State Prison in Delano, California. He was stuck up in the DR Unit. He was a harder young soldier rollin’ with the B car with members of the Blood gang.

Now he is in this dirty ass reception center. The word on the street is you got to put it down when you’re first enter. So he has a shank dog close by his side. He is ready to ride because he ain’t ready to die. Because in the penitentiary dogs like them get caught up in a twist. Green Eyez got the enemies, the Eses (Hispanics) and the po-po’s (corrections officers and security guards) in his mix.

Now Green Eyez in this two men cell reminiscing on what the big homies said to him and the others back at the Los Angeles County Jail. Green Eyez was told this by the big homies. “Homie, get your grind on.” “Homie, watch your ass.” “Homie, watch your stash and if one would run up straight smash cause in the system mark-ass gon’ test your nuts. Even comin’ from the shoulders. Or puttin’ something in your guts.”

There’s two rules to the game: respect and stay with your own. And never fool step outta the line you got the rights to break his bones. And any dirt you do, keep it on the hush. The first person who has snitched is the first one who will get rushed.

After about a serving a month in Kern Valley State Prison, he is transported to another prison operated by the State of California with more fighting, shootings, more stabbings, and more riots. He just can’t take it
Now he is sending his mother a letter home just in case he doesn’t get released from prison. There ain’t no guarantees of him comin’ home.

Many homies got shanked or blasted in the chest. He can’t count on one hand all the homies that got at him. Green Eyez held up like a true G. And that’s on 92nd Street. He had to do what he had to do. On the yard bangin’ and hangin’. Constantly stressed out and always stinkin’. Some days were good but most days were hard. The system ain’t no joke. Ain’t no matter where you locked up.

Up Jumps the Boogie was the funky boogie song laced with funk and gangsta rap. The concept of this song is similar to Magoo and Timbaland – Up Jumps da Boogie but is driven more by violent gangsta rap than solely relying on just the beats and lyrics.

Notice how the lyrics are slightly altered and changed to fit the gangsta rap format.

Bang bang up jumps the boogie
Inglewood be the home of these young-ass G’s
Bang bang up jumps the boogie
Rollin’ through my hood on all gold D’s
Bang bang up jumps the boogie
Inglewood be the home of these young-ass G’s
Bang bang up jumps the boogie
Rollin’ through my hood on all gold D’s

Green Eyez was puttin’ down in these gangsta rhythms with these lyrics of his. “And go bang-bang-bang, up jumps the boogie/And every nigga from the hood got shootin’ skills with the G’s to the rookies/Slangin’ cookies I came up just that little/But now I’m puttin’ down in these gangsta rhythms”

Young Gangsta Green Eyez let loose to put it down for his true niggas and young riders. And Inglewood be the home of these fuckin’ West Siders. 80th Street of 94th Street swerve. Homies banged out flamed up red Chucks off the curb. Young ass YG’s who love to get active. And bitches on their nuts because it’s ready so it’s crackin’. But he gives a fuck he will put the homies first because his loved ones go ridin’ worst come to worst. And go bang-bang-bang, up jumps the boogie. And every nigga from the hood got shootin’ skills with the G’s to the rookies. Now Green Eyez was puttin’ down in these gangsta rhythms. He’s ready to start puttin’ in work. Every nigga he kicked with is a real Inglewood and B-Dawg. The 92’s, 80’s and 77’s.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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