Review: Criminal Manne – Greatest Hitz

Criminal Manne – Greatest Hitz is one of the most overlooked Memphis rap albums from 1995 which did not receive a lot of notice or attention. That is not surprising since most his early albums were underground albums. His album has that signature eerie soundscape commonly heard in Memphis rap. Classics such as Fist Full Of Bricks, Ridin’ Steamer, and Life As A Playa were included. Criminal Manne has definitely got them flows and lyrics.

Fist Full Of Bricks is about how Criminal Manne makes his ends by selling drugs. He serves fiend after fiend in the process of selling drugs.

Criminal Manne is serving fiends. Fiend after fiend. Y’all niggas better recognize the fistful of bricks in his hand, Criminal Manne is the mane. Y’all niggas better recognize.

Criminal Manne is fresh up out of Shelby County Jail. On his first day back out on the streets he is flatfoot out back trying get his ass on the town. It’s fucked up that he is on them bricks. He is going to achieve his goal of getting rich. So big dope dealer better watch themselves. Don’t fuck around and make a false step. Because a playa like Criminal Manne is so fucked in the game. Them dead presidents have a nigga doing any old shit.

He is out all night slangin’ them thangs and distributing bricks.Rain, sleet, or snow, He don’t give a fuck about that weather. It don’t make no difference. It could be a cold day in hell if the money’s clever. Dollar signs stay on his mind. He sees dreams of selling rocks and that’s how he knows this shit won’t stop. Never should you make it to the broke stage, if you do leave them stones alone. If you got them thangs in your hand scream, “Fist full of bricks!”. Criminal Manne is the mane with a fistful of bricks in his hand. He is serving fiend after fiend while out on the block.

Criminal Manne explains the lifestyle of him being a playa on Life As A Playa.

A busta always wanna start some shit. Criminal Manne can’t give a fuck about a busta when he is slanging bricks while out ridin around and cruisin. Indonesia’s in his system while he is chiefin on that hay. Skunk is in the air from him smoking on that weed. Drinking on that E and J.

He’s gotta get his muthafuckin pimping on. So he stops his ride and jumps out quickly to converse with a bitch. He tells the bitch, “Say hold up, bitch. Got a conversation going.” Then he stopped at the store to get a batch of rubber condoms to have sexual intercourse with her. Criminal Manne gets to the hotel room. He hopes this bitch don’t think that he will pay her for having sex with him. What can I say? Criminal Manne hustles evеry day. That is his life as a playa. Kicking his pimpin and sweating thesе bitches.

Now Criminal Manne is hanging at the crib chopping and rocking up dope to sell to fiends. He hears a knock at the door. He asks who is at the door but does not receive a response. Nothing was said. Suddenly his door was kicked down. He panics and then turns schizophrenic. Then he commences to spraying at everybody. They didn’t give a fuck. All of a sudden he noticed they were shooting back. Now he is running from the law. Will they catch him?

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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