Review: Conejo – Shady Conejo

Conejo – Shady Conejo was an early demo tape from Mexican-American rapper Conejo. The album had songs he recorded from 1991 to 1998. This is an example of early varrio rap from the varrio. He has some gangster ass rhymes. He came like a beast on this album.

Conejo brags about how his rhyme drop down like a one ton stone on his song aptly called One Ton Stone.

All his enemigas on the serio better watch it. Perhaps the outcome is fatal. Conejo comes across your land like a fucking tornado. You vatos wanna die? You get your wish and you don’t have to try because Conejo does the damage with the vatos from his clique, ese. Conejo enters the arena for a battle that’s so fierce. No one interferes.

He grabs the automatic to eliminate their mind. He stirs up a potion of many evil spells. Loco ass Conejo. Ese from the gates of Hell. Ask around about the mentally sick. And he’ll take you to the realm of all the unforgiven. All bitches rattle. He runs into these vatos all of the time. Conejo is a gangster ass vato like Al Capone. Wedge in between the madness was killing him.

The problem is complex. Vatos are gettin’ checked. And no one could tell what would come next. He couldn’t sleep a second. His destiny was planned. It’s a power struggle. Who would control it?

These lyrics in Verse 2 explained the conflict Conejo had of chasing his own destiny.

[Verse 2]
Block out the fear then block out the pain
I do my perro in and it’s driving me insane
The problem is complex, vatos gettin’ checked
And no one could tell, ese what would come next
I’m goin’ for the ride, my faith is in your hands
Couldn’t sleep a second, my destiny was planned
It’s a power struggle and who would control it
This bone crushing perro becomes my only component

His visions are clear and are no longer a blur. Waiting for the moment that something would occur. He’s going in this cycle again and again while living in this world that’s so full of sin. He blocked out the pain and block out the fear. And after the laughter came a tear.

These lyrics in Verse 3 explained how Conejo’s visions were clear and no longer a blur.

[Verse 3]
My visions are clear, no longer in a blur
Waiting for the moment, that something would occur
I’m going in this cycle, again and again
I’m living in this world, that’s so full of sin
So I dodge and dive, or else I be devoured
Strolling the yarda, ese staring at the tower
I block out the pain and block out the fear
And after the laughter, came down a tear

Shady is a rap song about pure uncut heroin. Shady explained Conejo’s addiction to heroin in such grim detail.

It’s that needle in his vein. Pumping heroin through his system going straight to his brain. Heroin is his drug of choice. Enemigas collapse like carga. I know you could tell by the tone of his voice.

He stay on his toes in every direction. The South and the East. Especially the West. because the vatos in the West will put a fierro through his chest. So let him go get this automatic weapon and give these malillones a little fucking lesson. Surrounded by these Harpys. Pulling in the panic zone. His method is of deadly illusions. Conjuring up a spell of a deadly execution. Conejo is roaming in the shadows and vatos can’t locate him. Conejo is the one that they call Shady.

Conejo is shooting heroin into his veins at 25th Street in Los Angeles, California on a dark lonely night. When the sun goes down, he shows his wicked ways. The tensions runnin’ high in a critical situation as he dips this fucking frajo in some chemical reaction to make the heroin taste better. Have you ever been so panicked in this paranoid dimension?

Los Angeles is the location where your enemy just might come out the shadows. Conejo heard this vato hates him. Plus the vato wants to get Conejo for fucking with his lady. He told him all bitches rattle. I thought you knew it? Like drogas on the calles, these hynas get malillas.

Conejo stepped in a canton. They recognized his face. Is he the only one to hear it? He sees there’s no escape through the gates with no trace. Could it be in his mind hearing spirits of dead homies? Or is it because he lost it? Or could it be the devil? He is in a mental trap on a subconscious level. Because he knows just what’s going down. Heroin kicks in and relieves all the tension.

Conejo explained how just erupted like a volcanic eruption and an ear blow fatality on his song My Mind Just Erupted.

All his enemigas turn to ash when he breaks it on these putos. His rhymes drop down like a One Ton Stone. Conejo is a gangster ass vato ese like Al Capone. Vatos disappear like he was doing magic. Sleeping like a baby. It was death in the cradle. Conejo can’t figure out his ways. Some say he is suicidal. The way that he react is fucking vital because all his elements ain’t ordinary or natural. His status is deadly.

Conejo is from that Muerto Fin gang. Ese, all bitches rattle and he trusts no man. You get a fucking rush as you enter his fearful dimension. Heroin kicks in and relieves all the tension. It’s just like a speed wall, carga, cocaine. His mind just erupted like a volcanic eruption. Him plus a cuete equals total destruction.

Surprise, surprise, ese. Open your eyes. Loc’d out Conejo be that devil in disguise because what can make you laugh can also make you cry. Fatal with the wounds to make a vato break. It’s his victims that get broke. On a dark stormy night when evil is all around, echos on his voice be the only fucking sound. He senses there’s betrayal with all the madness that’s going on. The gates have been open. Conejo is the keeper of the gate. In order to pass first you must indicate a scar, a sign, or the number of the beast. You will never see defeat.

Vatos out there claiming to be hard but are unprepared and off guard. The way he illustrates makes you hesitate. His method of destruction is to eradicate. No toleration for the enemy dictation. Again extermination of the enemigos that took that risk now their face gots a wiz. His venom showers with immense powers. Undistracted, his mind just erupted.

It is absolutely baffling and boggling how a gangster from the streets of Los Angeles can have such an advanced vocabulary. Read these lyrics to see the advanced vocabulary words.

The way I illustrate makes you hesitate
My method of destruction is to eradicate
No toleration for the enemy dictation
Again extermination of the enemigos
That took that risk now there face gots a wiz
My venom showers with immense powers
Undistracted, my mind just erupted

Sound Thee Alarm is about a eses dying in fights in the prison yard.

Down from the skies came this Harpy’s eagle that sent out on a mission to contemplate some evil. Conejo engages in a battle for define elimination. He confound everybody to a realm that devastates. He is flawless and his absence so mysterious. Vatos wanna know why his actions are so furious. He doesn’t have time to delay. Or time to disagree. Just time to disengage. He destroys anyone. Enemigas get deleted. His army is deployed. Your varrio is defeated. Evicted and you best to recoil. He is here to reinstate and bring this new order. Sound thee alarm because enemigas wanna ride. Flat line when the pressure was applied.

They say that we’re a myth but this myth don’t unravel. Vatos get murdered in the middle of the battle. Run fighting alas like the Western flicks. The visions of deception constantly persist. His scriptures engraved in a scroll. Conejo just got a wila from Shady Boy. He’s up in Mill Creek 4 yard. And Spanky’s up in Corcoran doing a SHU program.

These lyrics explain how Conejo has to protect himself in prison.

These conniving times, I need my daily fix
I start dozing off, I get so sleepy
I keep myself awake cause these vatos wanna stick me
In the shadows, ese welcome to my dreams

Enemigas be crawling all over the area. He see vatos burnin’ and fallin’. It’s fatal like lava from volcanoes. Your blood then boils to an infinite inferno. Vatos they get smoked in a matter of a tokes. Revelations were foretold so time would only tell. The ordeal in these turbulent shades. Vatos got torcidos when the juras threw a raid. They slayed anyone in their path.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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