September 24, 2023

Conejo – Revenge Served Cold is a hardcore versatile cold Latin rap album from the streets of Los Angeles, California that went overlooked as much of Latin rap does unless you’re talking about Lil Rob, Cardi B, or Kid Frost. There’s diss songs on the album such as We Like The Yakuza and The Getaway.

We Like The Yakuza was a diss song aimed at Hi-Power Entertainment and Old Town Mafia. For some reason he harbored a grudge against Hi-Power Entertainment and Old-Town Mafia.

Conejo dissed Hi-Power Entertainment and Old-Town Mafia at the beginning on the intro to the song. He called Hi-Power Entertainment and Old Town Mafia “weak ass mothafuckers” and “fake ass fools” who he tells to get the fuck out the mic

Fuck Hi-Power
Fuck Old Town Mafia
Weak ass mothafuckers can’t diss
Get the fuck out the mic
Fake ass fools
We like the Yakuza
Mobster shit
Pass me that street sweeper
Fuck these fools

The Getaway was sort of a diss song aimed at CNN (Communist News Network) for their biased liberal reporting on television.

Conejo calls out CNN for being pussies by running off when violence and occurred that needed to be reported by a trusted and respectable news agency. Read these lyrics: “CNN reporters claim a hit parade/Then came raids/They work for nights and days/Everybody got ghost” and “The getaway/After your ass get sprayed/CNN reporters claim a hit parade”

How Many Did I Smoke discusses how many enemies and putos Conejo smoked using his gun to kill them all. Latin gangsta rap at its finest.

Conejo was so high off his own supply. He seen them shooting at him with an MP5. It wasn’t his day for a coroners visit. Everything was running smooth until they sent out to kill him. He used the waiter as the shield and he caught some led. Conejo hit him in the eye out the back of his head. The other shooter kept spraying anything in his way. So Conejo took cover by the bar.

Two rookies down. First shell got they asses. Ese got out the back door before shit got hot. He underestimated how this fool’s could snitch. He staggered out and jumped in the SS. Slip a clip on the heat like on two way street. Back at the hood. Rolled out the block and hit this fool real strong.

How many did Conejo smoke? He heard the cops swerving. So he left the place. He poured out a bottle as he watches the news. That’s how he found out how many caught the blues. He heard the bitches scream. So he left no trace.

Eses gamble with the shit that make you scatter for this LA City product that’s very devoted to crime. He stepped on the scene with them gangster rhymes. When it comes to dope, he took his dose and pin pointed his foe’s. He clipped the enemy. He let that cocaine flow. Smoking bomb ass Kush. To the sinners stack guns. A hundred round drum for the selfish ones. Don’t try to apprehend the one that’s flooding the spot.

Building get packed with drug dealing gang members. Detachable mags and 20 body bags. And everybody knows how CON gets down. I’m talking real shit. Spit a prankster in the club. Lay his bitch ass down.

Like the time he was drunk at a downtown bar. Old school enemies tried to break into his car. He started dumping. Strippers was running. Their titis was bouncing. And fucking bullets was coming from all around from the enemy crowd. Three civilians went down.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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