Review: Ciara – Goodies

Goodies helped Ciara mark her claim as the “Princess or Lady of Crunk&B” in 2004. The album uses R&B influences over hip hop beats and dance music with that crunk sound. Jazze Pha’s crunk production can be heard all over Ciara’s debut album. Lil Jon’s contribution to the production of this album adds in even more crunkness. Each song is worth listening to if you are a fan of pop music.

Pick Up the Phone has Jazze Pha’s work all over it in terms of songwriting and production. That’s not surprising since he produced a bulk of her debut album. The song utilizes pop over R&B influences and hip-hop influences.

Ciara becomes increasingly irritated when her man won’t pick up the phone. She waits by the phone for him to call her throughout the entire song. That is the premise of this song.

She has been calling him night long. All she hears is the dial tone and no answer back from him. She is now becoming best friends with the dial tone all because he won’t pick up the phone. She called his cell phone and his house phone. Still she sits here all alone. She knows he sees her on his caller ID.

Ciara says, “Where you at, boy? Pick up the phone.” He’s got her wondering where he’s at, where he’s going, and where he been. Here she goes again. Dialing his number. Thinking about how he just won’t pick up the phone. It would be nice to know that if he could call somebody and let somebody know that he’s alright.

He’s wrong for sending her straight to voicemail. If Ciara did the same then he would be raising all kind of hell. She tells him, “Why don’t you pick up the phone?”

Pick Up the Phone should have been selected as the fourth single and final single. Laface Records dropped the ball on Ciara here. Pick Up the Phone would’ve showcased what Ciara’s first album had to offer.

And I is a sweet subtle love song which is a slow jam. The song is similar to Thug Style because of the tempo. For those who don’t know or didn’t know, Thug Style is also a slow jam. This song showcases what Ciara has to offer in terms of signing. Her smooth voice gives off a subtle vibe.

Ciara doesn’t need a basketball player. He don’t have to have money. All she needs is somebody that’s down for her. His love is just like honey. It’s so sweet to her. He can have everything in this world, but he’ll sacrifice it all for Ciara. She has made up her mind as she is in love. And she knows he won’t break his heart. She knows that they will not ever part from each other. She wants to be with him forever.

People say she is crazy for making him her boo. She has been through many changes in her life. But isn’t going to change. Ciara can have everything in this world, but she’ll sacrifice it all for him. She loves him and all the things that he does.

Oh is the crunk anthem that pays homage to Atlanta, Georgia. Various Atlanta neighborhoods can be found in Verse 1 which is sung by Ciara.

[Verse 1: Ciara]
This is where they stay crunk, throw it up
Dubs on the Cadillac
White tees, Nike’s, gangsta’s don’t know how to act
Adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver Homes
Hummers floatin’ on chrome
Chokin’ on that home-grown
They got that Southern cookin’
They got them fellas lookin’
Thinkin’ I was easy, I can see it
That’s when I say no, what fo’?
Shawty can’t handle this
Ciara got that fire like…

[Chorus: Ciara]
Oh, ’round here we ridin’ slow
We keep it ghetto, you should know
Gettin’ crunk off in the club, we gets low, oh
Oh (Oh), all my ladies to tha flo’
Handle it, ladies back it up
Gettin’ crunk up in tha club we gets low, oh

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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