Review: Tweet – Love, Tweet

Love, Tweet takes new direction in musical sound. The album has more of a sultry neo-soul sound with a raunchy Atlanta sound. Tweet wanted to use the Atlanta sound on this album. (Most of the Love, Tweet album was recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, US.) This album was much different from It’s Me Again. It’s still in-your-face lyrics and it’s still good soul music.

The production is sultry smooth in vocals. The production style reminds of the Southern Hummingbird day of 2002. Tweet needs to get back to that Southern Hummingbird sound with Timbaland producing the beats. Yes, the absence of Timbaland shows on this album. The only contributions missing from this album are the major presence of Missy Elliott and Timbaland. (With their production sound of course.)

The album title for Love Tweet was just from her signature as if she was writing a letter or writing an autograph. She really couldn’t come up with nothing creative for the title. “So I just titled it, Love Tweet. So, it’s nothing significant, just, you know, giving back to the fans that I’ve been there, you know, from the beginning.”

Love, Tweet got shelved due lack of interest from distributors and mainly internet leaks which killed this albums chance of ever seeing the light of day. And, of course, label mergers from bad corporate moves from the powers that be. The Love, Tweet album sampler had probably less than 500 physical pressings done before it all went to the digital download market.

Umbrella Recordings dropped the ball on Tweet by not promoting this album properly. They failed to do so at every aspect and every given chance. They should have just released the album regardless of anything. Due to marketing, online leaks, emotions, and creative differences, Love, Tweet was shelved and leaked online. Which is probably why Love, Tweet was/is only released on promo only CD-r back around 2008. You see Tweet admitted that no distributors were there to take on and distribute her Love, Tweet album. No distributors were available at the time to distribute her Love, Tweet album as she had planned or desired.

Tweet should have not leaked the materials from Love, Tweet and Simply Tweet. That way it would have gotten more fans to appreciate her music. She knew what she was getting herself into when she leaked her songs from Love, Tweet. That’s why her songs from the Love, Tweet album was leaked onto her website for her fans to download for free in 2008.

As for distributors, Tweet should have went to E1, City Hall, CNR, CDBaby, Fontana, or Clout. Don’t know why she didn’t do that. Umbrella Recordings was not a good label for her. I don’t see Grand Hustle as an option either. Tweet should have went to Truth & Soul Records as Nicole Wray did in 2010. Truth & Soul benefits well.

My Dear has that Atlanta sound. My Dear has the Atlanta sound. T.I. influenced Tweet to add the Atlanta sound to the song My Dear. Tweet instantly fell in love with the Atlanta sound after being inspired by T.I. to do so.

My Dear is a virtuoso upbeat song similar to a modern love ballad. T.I. did a good job rapping on this song. Marz had produced this. T.I. self-produced the song. My Dear is definitely single material appropriate for this album. It’s really weird too. It is also similar to Lil Sin’s Who Got Yo Back track from 1998. I really like it a whole lot.

The song My Dear was originally recorded by Ciara and T.I. in 2007 for the T.I. vs. T.I.P. album. According to T.I., the track was not approved by Ciara’s record label so it did not make T.I. vs. T.I.P. as originally intended or as planned. It’s a song falls into the “unreleased for a reason” pile. In the music industry, it’s a well known fact for songs to be recycled when the original artist does not use it.

On Love Again, Tweet expresses that she is scared of loving someone. She’s so confused. Does she love again? Even though Tweet’s supposed to let go she needs to get it together. Tweet doesn’t want to live without that special person. Tweet wrote the song while it was produced by Charlie Bereal and Craig Brockman.

Love Again has that winter theme on a cold ice winter holiday. Just imagine ice skating on a pond during the holidays. Love Again is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long which is about as long as a typical average Tweet song. It’s slow pace at first, but gets upbeat fast. It sounded very suicidal to me to be honest. Love Again does have that 2010s slow jam sound. I didn’t really like it.

Love Again is now believed to be the album’s lead single, as it is now available for purchase on iTunes. It was uploaded to iTunes in 2010.

Anymore is an upbeat 2000s neo-soul song about her boyfriend coming back into her life. It’s instrumentation is perfect. Killer sound effect scratches on the vinyl in the background. Tweet is an excellent talent and very underrated.

It’s been a while since Tweet and her boyfriend dated so they want get reacquainted. Tweet never anticipated that this would happen or occur if her boyfriend treated so nice. It’s like she doesn’t know him anymore. Her boyfriend left her hanging previously. Is this a game he’s playing? Would he decide to change? Tweet will have to think about her decision. Tweet is a true gift to him.

Tweet makes the chorus hook catchy by repetitive lyrics. She is one of the few artists that can sing repetitive lyrics without making the song annoying. Her singing is what makes the chorus hook catchy. Read the verses to chorus hook below.:

It’s like I don’t know you
It’s like I don’t know you

Hey Baby has that 70s soul sound and feel to the composition. The percussion is smooth and the pace is slow in bpm. The instrumentation arrangement is professionally laid out in an expert manner formation. Flute is perfectly played.

Hey Baby is another love song. Tweet needs a man. She wants someone just like her. It’s about flirting and being in love.

Real Lady is a heartfelt song from the soul of Tweet. The beats are processed in a smooth manner and not hard. Real Lady is another song about love yet again. This song is the truth.

Tweets been waiting a long time for someone to bring her joy. Attractions and looks brings the worst people knocking on her door. She wants someone just like her. Tweet needs a man. Then, Tweet explains the instructions on how to take care of a real lady. Tweet wants something genuine from the heart. Tweet describes herself as a “diamond in the rough”.

The Way To Love is about how Tweet finding the way to love. Tweet finds ways to love as the track progresses forward. She finds ways in her own mysterious ways. Tweet expresses that she is scared of loving someone. She questions her ability on the way love in the bridge of the song.

The Way To Love has that 70s soul sound with that new school neo-soul sound. The drum kits were perfect instruments performed in this track. Good choice selection on that! However, The Way To Love appears to be mastered in high quality audio.

Addicted is about being to love. Tweet is looking for the one for her. She is addicted to a man’s love. She did catch it. She wonders at the end of Addicted if anyone caught the love bug. Did anybody out there catch it? Addicted is perfect for a snowy day, traveling music, or being outside.

However, Addicted appears to be unmastered which is the result of the low quality audio. Addicted is in snippet form. The beats are highly addictive to listen to as the snippet will want to make you hear the full length song more.

I Just Wanna is a turbulent love song about going through a tough relationship. She wants the man to be her lover, but he keeps giving her problems. He abuses her and constantly yells at her. Perfect beats and guitar instrumentation performance.

He invaded her space and took up all of her time. Tweet wasn’t ready for that. She wanted to play around and he wanted to settle down. She was a fool to let him go. She misses having him around right now. Tweet needs somebody like you. Tweet needs somebody like you to be down for her. She wants to love him. She is just tired of his abuse and constant yelling.

Them There Eyes is an upbeat swing jazz. The trumpets and saxophones did a superb job at the very end of Them There Eyes. It is her best jazz accompaniment ever recorded with piano phrasing and note selection. Its sound has an upbeat vibe quite similar to upbeat jazz. What comes to mind is the great Claude Hopkins and Nat Cole.

Tweet fell in love with them there eyes. Tweet noticed them there eyes of yours staring at her. It’s about flirting and being in love. Tweet is a true gift to all the men out there presently. Them there eyes will get you into a whole lot of trouble.

Remedy was a better upbeat song. It reminded me of Nicole Wray’s Destination from 2004. It’s perfect for a snowy day at the mall or outside. The song Remedy sounds a bit like Unappreciated by female pop group Cherish. The words will resonate with you.

Tweet notices that you’ve been hurt and you’ve been broken down emotionally. You don’t wanna let it go again. Our give in. Your heart is closed in. Now Tweet is in the picture wanting you to trust her. The love Tweet has for you is so divine. Tweet is the remedy that you need. She is the remedy.

End Of The Aisle is about finding that special one. A special person that you truly love. Both Tweet and Susie of Sugah explain how they found that special one. Of course End Of The Isle is yet another perfect love song for this album of hers. Smokey of Playa produced End Of The Aisle.

Smokey of Playa is the male vocalist. He stands out the most with his notable voice. Susie is Susan Weems of the girl group Sugah. It’s a shame Rolita White didn’t join in on this song.

Way To Love is about searching for love. Love is lost. On this song, Tweet tells us her story for calling it quits. She knew that her relationship ain’t gonna last much longer. So it’s time to move on the both of them. Tweet searches for the way to love. She showcases her soulful and sultry vocals with beautiful harmonies and honest songwriting about powerful lessons from heartbreak.

The beats and drums on Way To Love are absolutely bananas. The beats and drums are perfect. Tweet shines brilliantly here. Musical arrangements are perfect in accompanying this Tweet song.

Give It To Ya was produced by Nisan Stewart and Craig Brockman, both of who produced songs for her albums Southern Hummingbird and It’s Me Again. Both Nisan Stewart and Craig Brockman produce wonderful songs.

Give It To Ya is a subtle and smooth song. You will get hypnotized by the sound. Its loopy auto-wah effects will have you in a trance during the first few seconds in. Arrangements for the musical notes seems to sample Prince – Little Red Corvette. The musical sound for this song certainly has a mood that cannot be defined.

Can’t Live is yet another love song that will take you a roller coaster ride. A love affair does have its ups and downs. Can’t Live is really quirky and weird with its virtuoso beats. The track was produced by Timbaland himself. Can’t Live was written and co-produced by Tweet.

Musical notes playing from the violin sample Barry White – Never Gonna Give You Up. The song itself seems to be inspired by Barry White.

Procrastination was a single that was used as an underground buzz single to promote the Love, Tweet album. However Umbrella Recordings dropped the ball on Tweet. by letting this song leak to internet and not radio stations first.

The song Procrastination features Missy Elliott and Timbaland. The production sound is very much influenced by Timbaland. Both Tweet and Timbaland perform on the chorus for this song.

Cruisin’ is a road travel song. A traveling song to put it basically. Think about doing 80 mph down the highway on the countryside. It’s another song that is choice material for a single! Cruisin’ is definitely single material appropriate for this album.

Here Tweet is crusing down the highway doing about 80 mph. She lets the radio blast. Tweet thinks about all the things her man has done to her. She just wants to get away from all the pain. She don’t know that to do with him. All the love they had is through.

Alone is about being along. Tweet wonders if she’ll ever be able to date again or is it for the best that she be alone. She does not want to be alone. Alone is as cold her Iceberg song and Santana – Black Magic.

Everything has that new school neo-soul sound mixed with new school rap sound. The beats have that new 2000s rap sound to them. A featured artist such as T.I. or somebody else would be perfect to guest star on. Tweet is all you need.

Love You More is a dance hall reggae track. It has that ska sound. PJ Morton performs with instruments as a featured artist on Love You More. The horn section is perfect. PJ Morton and Tweet make a great duo!

It’s You has perfect percussion arrangement with loud heavy pounding bass in the background. It’s You has that 70s acappella and 70s soul sound meeting new school spoken word. Old school meets new school on It’s You. Some of the track is distorted though.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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