Review: Tweet – Charlene

First of all, I am glad to see that Tweet is back! She has been gone for way too long! The Southern Hummingbird returns with a powerful soul classic entitled Charlene for 2016. Her voice is as strong yet subtle and gentle. The acoustic arrangements suits her voice so well. Musically speaking, she brings along old collaborators such as Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Craig Brockman from the It’s Me Again album in 2005.

Magic is a breathtaking soulful experience to listen to while you enjoy this masterpiece of an album. The acoustic arrangements suit her voice well. Magic is about Tweet being happy in a relationship. The relationship feels like magic.

Rest assured, you will love the acoustic arrangements on Won’t Hurt Me. The acoustic arrangements suit her voice well. Tweet shows indifference to a manipulating man on Won’t Hurt Me. The choice to have Won’t Hurt Me as a selection for the first single panned out stellar. Listen closely and you can hear that the acoustic arrangements match up with the percussion.

Tweet collaborating with Missy Elliott on Somebody Else Will was a genius idea! Timbaland had produced Somebody Else Will. Somebody Else Will is a breathtaking soulful experience. If the man doesn’t love Tweet, then another lover will. If he doesn’t love Tweet, then someone else will.

Tweet somehow gets caught off guard by being hurt with no faith toward happiness on I Didn’t Know. It really did account to being hurt emotionally by love.

Fool No More is about how Tweet will be no longer fooled or manipulated by her man’s actions. In other words, she will not be fooled anymore. The choice is his. Tweet shows indifference to a manipulating man on Fool No More too.

One can hope that she continues to make great music. Hopefully this album will get the sales and promotions that it needs for airplay on radio stations nationwide. Tweet knows her craft and sticks to what she does best. Tweet’s new album is awesome. So many albums now lack consistency of production value. Her new record label, eOne, proves to be going towards a step in the right direction. We need albums like this!

(If you got the Deluxe Edition of Charlene from Best Buy, you will find two bonus tracks. The two bonus tracks are Somewhere Out There and Fool No More. Both of which are 4 to 5 minutes long.)

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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