Review: Jazmine Sullivan – Reality Show

The Reality Show album was released in 2015 by RCA/Sony after Jazmine Sullivan had taken a hiatus for 5 years after the Love Me Back album was released. Jazmine Sullivan decided to strike back in the music industry with a follow-up album to Love Me Back. (The average span between albums these days is 5 years. Do we really need to call it a hiatus?)

Reality Show is just as diverse as her debut album as the sound and production stuck well into its R&B roots. Reality Show is an appropriate album for today’s musical climate since life today is filled with so much drama. Jazmine Sullivan never fails to amaze her audiences with her songwriting skills of hers. She stays up to date by singing about new topics and with a fresh production sound. Reality Show is a diverse album that stuck well into its R&B roots. Its modern sound really stands out.

However RCA/Sony dropped the ball on this album by not promoting it enough times both online and offline. The album itself had potential to become a breakout success reaching sales number as high her previous album Love Me back and/or ever higher by going platinum. RCA/Sony did her wrong in terms of promotion.

Brand New starts off with a smooth piano jazz sound that is next accompanied by beats from the modern trap music sound. Piano jazz meets trap music and drill beats on the song Brand New. Her storytelling skills use vivid imagery on this song of hers. Brand New is an original love song written by Jazmine Sullivan.

RCA/Sony dropped the ball on this song by not promoting it as a single. The song itself had potential to become a single due to its modern sound. The wonderful part about the song Brand New is that the sound and production stuck well into its R&B roots.

It is proven that love don’t last forever on the song Forever Don’t Last. The song Forever Don’t Last showcases Jazmine Sullivan reflecting on her emotions on the demise of her relationship. However most of this song showcases the demise of her relationship and is also showcases Jazmine Sullivan reflecting on her emotions.

Chuck Harmony produced this song and was responsible for the arrangements. Chuck Harmony had done a wonderful job on the musical arrangements for the song Forever Don’t Last. This one of her best songs for this album. The sound is both sultry and soulful in mood.

Mascara is a satirical song about the gold digger lifestyle. Jazmine takes jabs and pokes fun at people who are gold diggers and leeches who mooch off other people at their own expense. Gold diggers are people who mooch off other people at their expense with nothing in return. Mascara depicts modern society through a day in the life of a popular Instagram girl by her perspective. Mascara is a perfect song that fits this album appropriately.

At first Jazmine Jazmine takes jabs and pokes fun at people who are gold diggers. At the end, she laughs about the whole thing while at the same time she shows her natural self. This is the turning point of the song and moment where she takes it all off.

What’s so funny and ironic is that people don’t understand she is being satirical. She’s not promoting the gold digger lifestyle as many of you people out there think she is. That is where many of her fans are mislead. If fans paid attention closely to the lyrics, then they would understand the humor and concept of this song written by her. Some people are hating on the subject matter as she spoke about materialism with class and style.

Veins is a song that deals with addiction to love. She feels out of place like in the left field during a baseball game when it comes to love. Coping with ones emotions is a hard to manage. It captures the feeling of having love take over your life and becoming an addiction you can’t get rid of.

It is very obvious that the song deals with addiction as sung in the intro. The intro explain how it feels to be hugged for the first time.

When did you realize that addiction was your life?
The first time I pushed it through my veins
The hug it gave me, I never experienced in my life
It wouldn’t let me go

Jazmine looks for love in all the wrong ways like a bad habit as explained in its pre-hook.

When he calls your name and you just gotta have it
Love me all the wrong ways, my bad habit
Hold me close, while you take me away

Dumb was the lead single that featured Meek Mill. Yes, the Meek Mill that took an L in 2017 when Nicki Minaj broke up with him. Dumb isn’t exactly one of her best songs nor is it one of her worst songs. The song is average at best.

At the very beginning is where the song symbolizes him falling back into old habits of criminal activity or illicit activity. It foreshadows him getting into trouble. She thought we were past those days. He is not fooling her anyhow. He thinks he his smart and slick. He has been unfaithful and ungrateful to her. Love hurts.

She knows he isn’t faithful but she knows that they aren’t in a legitimate relationship. She knew from the beginning. She thought she could change this man. That is why she is “dumb”.

Silver Lining is a song Jazmine Sullivan had written and produced herself. The song is an original organic R&B song. Silver Lining is a song that should have been another single used to promote the Reality Show album.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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