Review: Twisted Black – Street Fame

Twisted Black – Street Fame is one of the best Fort Worth rap albums of 2006. These songs are Twisted Black’s autobiographical tales filled with distinctive poetry and party tracks. The album a balanced mixture of half gangsta rap songs and half club music.

He was destined to be the Snoop Dogg of Texas back in 2006. However that destiny and expectation was cut short when Twisted Black was found guilty of conspiracy to sell crack cocaine and sentenced to serve federal prison time at FCI Beaumont. Twisted Black is one of the best rappers from Fort Worth, Texas that is under appreciated.

Coldest Summer Ever is another gangsta tale from the rapper deemed to be the coldest storyteller ever which is Twisted Black. And this is why. Check this out. The song deals with betrayal which is why there is an element of betrayal. Twisted Black explains how betrayal can ruin lives and friendships. This story explains how Pretty Boy Zack (Pretty Boy) betrayed his friendship with Heavy over information that Tisha Summers leaked out.

His partner Heavy is gang related scoring 4 and 5 raw bricks. Last week he brought 6 raw bricks from Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy got good hair with light skin. Puerto Ricans love this boy because he fits right in with them. He keeps that money right for now but Pretty Boy got dirty fix galore. They blessed the cat with thirty bricks or more. He’s just waitin’ for the right time to plight his crime and he’s going to get them Ricans for a righteous dime.

Heavy has got his gangsta chick Tisha (Tisha Summers). She cooks a meal like ya mama but is inclined to keep a player rich. She’s down to bake a sweet potato pie then make a dope deal with ya. Her and Heavy make the team. Her and Heavy wears a ring. But her and Heavy each do their own thing. Heavy

Heavy and Pretty’s kinda cool. So when Heavy would score his work, Pretty Boy would usually push him 2 or 3. Basically whatever Heavy needs. But if Heavy had Pretty’s hookup then the streets would bleed. And Heavy knew that. That’s where the betrayal grew at and from. If it were not for betrayal, they both could’ve flourished and been a hell of a duet. But then the seasons had to change, the reasons all for change. It was the coldest summer ever and that was strange.

The coldest summer that Twisted Black ever seen and known. The coldest summer there’s ever been. The coldest winds that have ever blown.

Now Pretty Boy done knocked the Mercedes Benz. He already had him a 5. He knocked the 6. So he’s flippin’ twins. And Heavy’s watching with the big eye. He’s saying, “This nigga don’t deserve all he got and if I just had his hookup then, things would look up I could scratch a meal and have my whole city shook up.”

But get this. Pretty Boy’s weak behind women. So while he’s trickin’ and showing his teeth, Heavy’s sitting with his mind swimming. Heavy knows that Pretty wants to rob these Puerto Ricans. So he updates the game to that broad Tisha to get this nigga leaking information about the rip-off scam.
He figured that he can win a plug in exchange for a tip-off. Pretty fell for the bait. Tisha eased up on this nigga with the grace of a snake and got him drunk by talking shit with her at the club. It’s safe to say she’s got this cat hooked. He took her home and feed him good dinner.

But something’s wrong with this picture. Pretty’s mind steady blinkin’ and he can’t make his mind remember. All he knows is baby got a mouth piece cold as December. And by the time she rode his piece again. He was putting in his mix. Tish would leave with meters.

Now Pretty Boy’s ready for this heist. He’s tryin’ desperately to reach the Puerto Ricans. He done paged them thrice. And by the time he got them on the phone. He told them, “Triple up my order, gimme one day, and I got it gone.” But his plan was to skip town. Him and Tish are going one way to Ohio to be Cleveland Browns.

But Tish’ told Heavy and Heavy told the Puerto Ricans. And all the trust is out the window because everybody is leaking information. The Puerto Ricans called up Pretty and said, “Meet up at that restaurant. We got your order ready. Heavy, meet us at that spot too. ‘Cause if this nigga don’t got no bags packed, well then we got you with ninety birds in the trunk of a Escalade.”

They are feeling hurt because this here is quite a test of faith because Pretty Boy’s like a brother to them. But if this nigga’s got his luggage in his trunk, well then they gots to do them.

It’s 9 PM. They are at the Spaghetti Warehouse parking lot somewhere on the Southwest Side of Fort Wort, Texas. Pretty doesn’t see them next to Heavy and his Chevy Suburban. Well at least he thinks it’s Heavy in his Chevy but he’s not for certain.

Every man sprang loose from their vehicles. And things started in slow motion like when weed hits you. And neither man had their pistol drawn. But then shots rang out from somewhere and everybody knew. That foul play had made its way to the playground. The Puerto Ricans were speaking Spanish yelling “Stay down!”. But the sniper had them on the scope.

Pretty Boy and each Puerto Rican took a bullet to their throat. And Heavy took a bullet to his brain. That’s 4 dope dealers on the parking lot laying slain. And out the bushes came Tisha Summers with a 30-Aught 6 she won for 90 bricks.

Throw It Up is an anther for all the hustlers nationwide.

Twisted Black has got 4 or 5 hustlers that he feeds on his team. He never leaves the crib without a pistol in lean. I bet he hustles harder than you do in your dreams. (You bet your sweet ass he does.) Now you can catch Twisted Black on the brake of a Corvette or a Beemer. He’s murderin’ ink with a fine ghetto bitch that look better than Trina. And he keeps her cookied up like the bitch was a keeper. Either love or hate him, either way, your boy cool with it. Better ask somebody though because he’s a fool with it.

Yo Gotti is a hustler who hustles hard. I’m talkin’ 7 figure home and four car garage. You can tell he is stuntin’ hard. His chain is worth that Mastera. If you ain’t know, that’s a hundred thousand dollar car. His grind is tight because he has got his mind right.

He has seen his first thirty-six O’s. Baking soda, boiling water, and fish scaling too. His ounces jumpin’ 35. Yo Gotti keeps that ether potent jumpin’ like the Soul Train line. On the block servin’ one at a time. Glock for Glock and straight up pop until somebody die. Yo Gotti does throw it up. Fuck them conspiracies.

Chyna Whyte has gotta get this money. They ain’t gon’ give you nothin’. Yeah she did that hustlin’. You know her pedigree. She talks that money. Her dro’s full of heat as she got a hand on the stove. Chyna Whyte is Santa Clause in them streets as she has been on these roads. And it’s not from that Snapple.

The chorus uses the simple typical Southern rap repetitiveness in the lyrics.

[Chorus: Twisted Black & Yo Gotti]
If you a hustlin’ ass nigga, throw it up
If you a gangsta ass nigga, throw it up
If you’re both of these niggas, and you will squeeze triggers (Yeah, yeah)
And you don’t bar niggas, throw it up (Knahmtalkin’ ’bout?)
If you a hustlin’ ass nigga, throw it up (I’m from the nawf, dog)
If you a gangsta ass nigga, throw it up (Ay, this your boy, Gotti)
If you’re both of these niggas, and you will squeeze triggers (You knahmtalkin’ ’bout?)
And you don’t bar niggas, throw it up

Secrets exposed the secrets that Twisted Black had in his life. The song was about how Twisted Black was snorting cocaine in secret. Although it hurts him, he still has got to set the record straight. He has to keep it secret so can’t nobody peep it. Ain’t nobody knowin’ about this nonsense. The song uses a stripped down soul sample from “45 single.

Although it hurts him, he still has got to set the record straight. He makes his music for them niggas forced to move the weight against the grain. Hustlin’ every day to get the change by selling product. The ones that feel like getting a job or seeking employment is really out their range. They’ve been in the game so long until they caught up.

Don’t like the way it comes but then don’t stop the pockets knot up. The ones that flip and bulldoze with candy on the frame. The people that do not smoke marijuana but snort cocaine undercovеr behind closed doors on the down low. (Don’t smoke no Mary Jane but undercovеr, snortin’ ‘caine.)

Twisted Black knows because he has been that samе road before. Twisted Black came up in the game and got a name from selling snow. He’s flippin’ foreigns and droppin’ screens and naked rough is showin’. But he done blew so much that if it dropped, you couldn’t sweep it. Twisted Black is still player made by rockin’ starch and ironed clothes.

His friends don’t have a clue and can’t imagine what’s it’s come to. Twisted Black has been undercover because he has been snorting snow (cocaine). Blowing to his powder until his nose chaffers. It’s his secret and can’t nobody peep it because habits like this ain’t supposed to be happening to a star. Things like this be happenin’ behind closed doors. He doesn’t know nobody else to run to.

Shake is a dance song obviously. So dance and jiggle with them hips.

Twisted Black is sippin’ drink in the back of the club like a pimp. He’s got his heat in the back of the club with a full clip. Now he’s a known as a hustler and ain’t gotta show it. But he keeps a couple grand in pocket. And he still has got dance moves. However he doesn’t really dance. But he ain’t scared to try as your boy ain’t shy.

He spots a bad broad. Baby girl was doin’ her every dance when she came out to Atlanta, Georgia. So he eases in her eyesight and baby went to shakin’ ass. Backеd it up against his pelvis. She went to tryna shake it fast. He’ll sit and watch while you get this sucker wired up. He be in the back of the clubbin’ steady firin’ up.

4 shots of Patron and he is now in the zone. He feels the music all in his bones. He ain’t lookin’ for no trouble but he will bust bubbles in a heartbeat. All a nigga gotta do is spark him. He hits the middle of floor. They got a nigga dancin’ but he is so cool with it. Throwin’ up the hustler. Little daddy a fool with it. Broads in the front and broads in the back. Don’t touch his ass because he don’t play like that.

Shake uses the simple typical Southern rap repetitiveness in the lyrics.

[Chorus: Twisted Black & Butta]
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Let it drop)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Make it pop)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Let it shake)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Make it quake)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Let it drop)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Make it pop)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Let it shake)
What’s that dance that you’re doin’ on the floor? (Make it quake)

Hustla’s Prayer is a song for all the hustlas out there doing their thing. But right now Twisted Black is praying for you through a hustla’s prayer. Twisted Black was on lock down in the penitentiary.

Twisted Black does not want to stop selling drugs. He knows and is fully aware of federal agents (feds) that are watching him and surveillancing his every move. He doesn’t give a damn what they say. He loves hustlin’. Ask anybody in his city of Fort Worth, Texas and they are going to tell you that TwistedBlack moves dope (drugs). Now he has found new hope through prayer and supplication.

Most of his partners never knew that/or about how he blew dope. It was his little secret but now you know because loose lips sink ships. Twisted Black is addicted to hustlin’ because his father taught him how to hustle. Those cops were too slow and never caught Twisted Black. (At least most of the time.)

Blame L.A. Rhyme because he fronted work and brought Twisted Black in. L.A. Rhyme gave Twisted Black game raw saying, “Black, you gots to buy dope. ‘Cause if I front it to you, technically, that’s my dope. Gone and kill yourself if you was ever thinkin’ try dope. Hope you give that life sentence back, yeah, that’s what I hope”

Forgive Twisted Black for his sins because it’s evident that he suffers greed. His good side and bad side keep on tusslin’. Before he ever lays it down, he keeps on hustlin’.

Twisted Black wishes that life was different for him but it’s not and so I gots to hold on. A brother gets addicted to it after so long. His cousin, Renée be like “Sellin’ drugs are so wrong.” Tell that to his Mercedes Benz and 20’s that he rolls in. He doesn’t sell dope now but then again he still shoots dice. Takes a hot merchandise and flip it at a new price. Take a white broad or two up on his team that boost ice so he can pamper his three children and that little cute wife. He ain’t different from you. It’s just he’s livin’ off the land.

He always scratch a lick every time that he can. Twisted Black does what he does to feed his family. He ain’t braggin’ as he has been deemed to be this breadwinner. The kids don’t know that it’s been blood on top of their dinner.

Just look at his partners that’s stuck in the game and can’t leave it. The young ones caught on the block and they can’t bleed it. The ones that done caught ’em a case and they can’t beat it. The warning signs right in their face and they can’t heed it. The kids don’t know that it’s been blood on top of their dinner. And all them partners out there who commence to bleed the block.

The Block is Twisted Black’s affirmation that despite seeing success with his music, he’s still committed to the profession he started with which was selling drug paraphernalia. The Block is a song for all the get money niggas (gettin money niggas).

Twisted Black has a sack full of work and a cup of that yac. Twisted Black is on the block 24/7 for my those that keep a sack. And you know your boy holdin’ that heat.

Twisted Black is still on the block with it. He needs to buy a little stock in it. He ain’t trippin’ because he is still getting that whole thing. Just start officially inseminating that procaine. His partner 40 turned the bird into a bird and a half. So all the losses that he takes don’t be hurting his stash. Now that’s a million dollar game. All Twisted Black has to do is cook it, cut up, and make it look like the same dope.

Him and his partner Dirty sit around and make toys. What they do in the process is take a half of things of work and plus the half trash. Then rinse it tight then put a stamp on it and re-cash. They have to let it dry good or it’s gonna break funny. They ain’t robbin’ nobody because they can make money.

Man these niggas be rappin’ hardcore. They probably never copped a whole thing of soft. Probably some beats, rhymes, and a studio. Maybe bought two or three whole things from Julio.

You can find Twisted Black on the block with a handful with studio gangsters engraved up on the handle.
Catch Twisted Black in the trap too. I ain’t lyin’. He’s spittin’ y’all some real shit.

Twisted Black calls out faker and pretenders in the lyrics to Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
Man these niggas be rappin’ hardcore
They pro’ly never copped a whole thing of soft
Pro’ly some beats, rhymes, and a studio
Bought two or three whole things from Julio
You can find me on the block with a handful
Matter fact, I got a handful and a hand tool
Matter fact, I’m on the block with a handful and a hand tool
With studio gangster engraved up on the handle
Catch me in the the trap too
I ain’t lyin’, I be gettin’ it like a black Jew
Just one TV and a PlayStation (Huh)
With a couch and a cater and a weigh station
And I’m worth about a mil’ six
I ain’t lyin’, I’m spittin’ y’all some real shit
So while I’m out there head first, and I ain’t got to
Don’t be shy, what’s the name of this song?

Twisted Black rolls with killers and some cash getters. Something like some JAY-Z and Dame Dash niggas. His whole squad be gettin’ it like a dream team. Twisted Black has got a partner named Jay and then his cousin Corwin. Just one look in his face can tell the whole story.

Everyday Twisted Black is gone off that drink leanin’ with him and Two Kag in his Caddilac with the magic paint. And ain’t no soft backs allowed to eat up off his block. Twisted Black is on the block, standin’ tall bitch.

I’m A Fool Wit It was Twisted Black’s biggest hit in 2006 which has the booming bass and beats to go along with his Southern sound. Twisted Black explains how he is a fool with it on his song called I’m A Fool Wit It. This one’s for the radio so read between the lines.

Twisted Black is half man and half beast with it. He wears a white tee with the penitentiary crease in it. You might catch him in some Air Force Ones. the Mercedes Benz with license plate that says “AIRFORCE1”. Twisted Black is a little bitty street dude known for his wordplay. Representin’ Texas, but he ain’t got a grill

The song is known for using these lyrics in the chorus.

I’ma tilt my cup, I’ma blow my trees (Blow my trees)
I’ma ride twenty somethin’s, somethin’s under my Caprice
I’m a fool wit’ it (Fool wit’ it), I’m a fool wit’ it (Fool wit’ it)
I’m a fool wit’ it (Fool wit’ it), I’m a fool wit’ it (I’m a fool wit’ it)
I’ma stunt for the broads, catch hate from the guys
Still slam Caddy do’s, but now they suicide
I’m a fool wit’ it (I’m a fool wit’ it), I’m a fool wit’ it (I’m a fool wit’ it)
I’m a fool wit’ it (I’m a fool wit’ it), I’m a fool wit’ it (I’m a fool wit’ it)

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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