Review: Mozzy – Yellow Tape Activities

Since the beginning of 2014, Mozzy has making a name for himself both on the internet and on the streets in Sacramento, California with lengthy strings of albums and mixtapes. He has been a consistent rapper who caught buzz at the right time since 2015. Yellow Tape Activities is what lifted his buzz into becoming a trending artist. Since then, Mozzy has went from underground rapper to nationwide sensation on the internet and in the underground music scene.

Yellow Tape Activities was an album that was released by Black Market Records as digital download online only in 2015/2016. Both Mozzy and Ced Singleton heavily promoted this album online and in the streets coming from underground. Many online users on the internet know about Mozzy throughout his Yellow Tape Activities album thanks to Ced Singleton. The album retains its consistency. Juneonnabeat take credit for a majority of the production. (More so than Cedsing.) Gangsta rap with a trap sound can be heard on this album. Yellow Tape Activities is very similar YG – My Krazy Life.

When you look at today’s mainstream rap scene and the rap scene overall, it’s not that surprising that cats like Mozzy are the ones who are getting all the national attention. Not that surprising at all. Pure original talent does not equate mainstream appeal these days unfortunately. On a nationwide scale, Sacramento is the long due respect the city deserves.

Ain’t $hit Happen is about living life on the edge dangerously. The track has a suicidal vibe with overuse of the word “suicide”. Mozzy is living life on the borderline of suicide. Mozzy is going through so much to the point where he could commit suicide. He could kill himself right now for signing up the lifestyle which he chose. Ain’t $hit Happen is a tale about casualties of war in the streets with gangs proving to be confrontational.

Next Body To You reveals the grim details of brutal reality rap from the street. The lyrics are too disconcerting for some to handle. Next Body To You is about the role of a crew hitman as the track is about casualties of war in these streets. Here everything gets violent and morbid.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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