Review: K-Sam – Player Hater EP

K-Sam’s Player Hater EP was issued on vinyl and used as a promotional to promote his 1994 album Infamous Playa. This was some of the most playalistic San Antonio from 1994. This ballin’ ass playalistic EP had some of the tightest most phattest beats from DJ Snake and DJ AK. Dat infamous playa K-Sam raps some of the tightest verses. Topics such as a jealousy, envy, the drug game, and fashion are discussed on the album. K-Sam explains his life as a drug dealer on the song What I Love Most. Player Hater deals with jealousy and envy.

The song Player Hater deals with animosity, jealousy and envy. All them players haters in the game are jealous and envious. Player Hater uses some soft lush beats with a super mellow female chorus.

This one goes out to you player haters. Don’t get mad when your gal calls K-Sam’s pager. And don’t get mad because you can’t keep her. But like Dr. Dre said, let it ride. His Cadillac is all fat on Dayton rims. He keeps a pistol grip pump in the trunk as fools like to catch a player slippin. Especially at a red light.

K-Sam explains his experience of dealing with a player hater in Verse 1. One time he was drunk off that Hennessy. He had seen a fool who used to be a friend of his but is now an enemy. He was a friend of K-Sam until he got lost in the sauce. Then he fell out due to jealousy and envy. He let out all his animosity, jealousy, and envy towards K-Sam. Do yourself a favor and don’t be a player hater.

Saggin deals with the clothing fashion of sagging pants and about how sagging pisses K-Sam off. It pisses K-Sam off whenever he sees someone sag their pants. However he comes to a conclusion and realization that sagging is nothing but a fad which he already knew of course. He talks about fashion on this song.

When K-Sam first got his ass in this dope game selling drugs, he didn’t have to worry about these narcs trying to jack him. Now everybody and their damn momma is wearing flannel. A Dickies t-shirt with the fresh creased khakis. Somebody even told K-Sam this was nothing but a fad. K-Sam told that motherfucker, “I already know.” So K-Sam already knew sagging was nothing but a fad.

Just like from a Cutlass to a Mustang. Now everyone wants to drive a 64 Impala. If K-Sam’s albums do not go gold or platinum, then you can bet your ass that he’ll still get rich. If you’re a G, turn your hat to the back and get your sag on by sagging your pants. Remember everybody keeps a gat (gun). K-Sam is here to tell you something good like those niggaz out of UGK and at the same time take your ass to the old school with that nigga Nino.

A lot of bitches K-Sam knows like to get their sag on and sag their pants. He sees them at the mall in their brand new Dickies. Some of them got nuts. That’s why they call them gangsta bitches.

K-Sam sees people sagging their pants everywhere he goes now. What really pisses K-Sam off about sagging pants is that people who sag their pants are doing it for the fashion. The Cross Color gear, Chuck Taylors, and Timberland boots. Hats to the back.

What I Love Most is a song written and performed on the solo tip by dat infamous playa K-Sam. On his song K-Sam tells us why he loves being a drug dealer throughout the entirety of this song. The song was written from a drug dealer’s perspective on life. The life of a drug dealer.

What K-Sam loves most is being a drug dealer. Some niggaz try to shoot him and put an end to his career as a drug dealer. He ain’t gettin’ caught slippin’ by no motherfuckin’ BG. K-Sam is too smart for that. Every morning he wakes sound of the birds. Not the birds in the trees you know I mean them ki’s. All he talks about is profits. Drugs help him support himself and his family.

The lyrics “I wake up every morning to the sound of the birds/Not the birds in the trees you know I mean them ki’s” are what made What I Love Most a memorable classic.

K-Sam got that fresh candy on his hoopty. Triple gold Dayton rims on his Cadillac. A phat ass doobie is in the ashtray. He then went straight to the cleaners. He hit a fat lick last night. So he buys his mother a leather couch. He buys himself another diamond ring. His rent was paid off for 12 months. Another nigga is always trying to take away all the profits. So he stays strapped with his gat at all times.

K-Sam is an infamous playa who is the neighborhood drug dealer. His life in the illicit drug trade as an infamous drug dealer is often dangerous. His life as a drug dealer is filled with danger that comes along with the lavish thrills. He is often able to take out of state trips.

It’s Saturday night. So K-Sam goes to the Hyatt Regency hotel to get a room. He is having hoes that are giving him sexual pleasure and gratification. It’s all about the pimping and making big money on the corner. Now he is off to California to sell drugs and make profit. K-Sam looks at the profits that pack made for his boys. K-Sam is taking half of the profits that the pack made for them and using the money to take a trip to Las Vegas with the Youngsta Mafia. Mike E.D. made $1,000 dollars while playing a game of Roulette. Magic Mark hit a $20,000 bet. K-Sam is having so much money that your ass can’t even imagine.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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