Review: Plasthic Slash & Ace The Supreme – Ceteris Paribus

Plasthic Slash & Ace The Supreme is one of the lesser known rap albums of 2020. This album showcases real lyrical ability and lyricism which is what rap has been missing. The album has those nostalgic thick boom bap beats of the 90s. African rap at its finest from the motherland.

Squash The Veggie lets us know Plasthic Slash doesn’t play around as he commits robberies in the city. Plasthic Slash uses such advanced enhanced vocabulary with his lyrics. “String of sausages show hypertension not the food chain” and “No be beans to buss sixteen, ephebophilia” are some examples where he uses advanced enhanced vocabulary.

Plasthic Slash plants his feet in the concrete jungle to survey the scenery. He proceeds to chase the greenery. He is a vet doing a stick-up with pistols with his gun in hand attitude. Too much ginger will get you in a bit of a pickle. Gold on his neck a gun in his hand is how he’s going out. He uses the carrot and stick approach.

If a goon let’s word of his passage, just escape his vestibule. He will shoot up his cabbage, if he survives, he’ll be a vegetable. Plasthic Slash will leave him in persistent vegetative state. They heard his racket’s off the wall and he is positive. It’s because he balls with sacred cows that they wanna squash the beef. The couch potato in the house lays low. Their style is fuego. It burns all emcees that come out of Soweto, South Africa. But he might have sow poblano before the pepper rest.

Plasthic Slash shows off his lyrical abilities and skills on Morning After Sunset. Plasthic Slash gets educational by using such advanced enhanced vocabulary with his lyrics such as these lyrics. “Confabulatory pourparlers and soirees/Livefeed, roundtable of five G’s, no Huawei/Who are they? Contemporary retiarii/Middle Age literature, some penned shall be bestiary/Impressions, possibly permanent first time/Weak ass rhymes, positive Trendelenburg sign”

Plasthic Slash flips like a magun with a style chics might gbadun. He is stuck with Jessica Madu and he needs Erykah Badu. He partakes in confabulatory pourparlers and soirees. He streams live feed with a roundtable of five G’s. That’s no Huawei. Who are they? Contemporary retiarii. (A contemporary Roman gladiator with fisherman styled equipment.) Middle Age literature is what he reads. Impressions are possibly permanent the first time. He has no weak ass rhymes that are a positive Trendelenburg sign.

Plasthic Slash is known for masquerading in long whips hidden by tinted windows to the new yam festival when it’s that time of the year. He is too damn merciful. Few stand sentinel whenever he is around. Real cursory glances and illusory chances. Aphorisms? Malapropisms? Plasthic Slash is used to the antics.

Plasthic Slash is fresh to death like a new posthumous album. He is in pursuit of love, peace and the most humorous outcome. The musical youth sniffs this like thurible soot. Break your balls with expertise and leave the crucible spooked. Bodies get chalked like medicine men with some editors. He dreamt MTV Cribs found his basinet. Snitches croon as we wait for angels to sound the clarinet.

Rat singer for judge? Francis instead of Benedict Pastors feasting off the bible like Emperor Menelik. Their game is tithe. Their aim is fright for brainless types. The blood of Jesus all over them stainless mics. On rainless nights, he lays on the terrace and stare at the aether while some twenty oh one hip hop tracks blare out the speaker. Toss a mantle over hid core principles and take up the dirt. Building from the foundation that makes up the face of the earth.

Brownzvillainy is a Bronx style rap song backed by a delicate piano playing quiet minor notes over boom bap beats. Brownzvillainy is bragging rights track where Ace The Supreme and Plasthic Slash rant about how they are the greatest and how they will go bar for bar with just about anyone regardless of their caliber.

Ace The Supreme is the last of a dying breed. His quick to grab iron and squeeze on these jealous niggas eyeing his fleets that are low key hating but admiring his beats. He heard your debut album and quickly pressed delete. That shit is garbage. Who called that gibberish dropping knowledge?

Your crew got demolished without rehearsal. By Omniscient narrator, Ace The Supreme scraps with any challenger. He will go bar for bar regardless of their caliber. He will beat them up to a pulp fiction for a mortician. His body of work could body any competition. Ace The Supreme is on a mission to topple the world with his composition. His proposition is he deserves the top position. Ace The Supreme and Plasthic Slash are ghetto fabulous with bachelors in school of hard knock. It’s marvelous how they’re flooded with gold like Fort Knox.

These lyrics explain how Ace The Supreme will go bar for bar with just about anyone regardless of their caliber. He is on a mission to topple the world with his composition as his proposition is that he deserves the top position in rap.

By Omniscient narrator, I scrap with any challenger
Go bar for bar regardless of their caliber
Beat ’em up to a pulp fiction, a mortician
My body of work could body any competition
I’m on a mission to topple the world with my composition
My proposition is I deserve the top position
I got this in the bag like a shopping spree
Scared of these bars now they copping plea
Ghetto fabulous with bachelors in school of hard knock
It’s marvelous how we’re flooded with gold like Fort Knox

As time keeps floating by bringing lots of ups and downs like ocean tides, Ace The Supreme and Plasthic Slash keep it gangsta. Niggas be like, “Dude, your art rocks!” The street smart are sure to excel in the school of hard knocks.

Plasthic Slash is a career crook that peeps the lawsuits he has caught from different courts. Although however, there are no material witnesses. He is cut from a different cloth. So the cases fall apart at the seams. The shit’s frail. Some of his boys hit jail. When they are all back, they will weave tales with young brothers in cornrows that’s keen on maize farming. They went from princes to kings to gods and stayed charming. Road to riches. They took the scenic route and saw greens. Girls from his hood start drink Big Stout at 14.

He set up shop with ruly G’s and shelved his two degrees. He had to start another branch ’cause we was moving trees. In these COVID times, snitches quick to cough up a name. Eager to get shit done like it’s a dying man’s desire. Fellas jump from frying pan to fire chasing oil money.

Killer Theme is a vital rap song for those who enjoy real rap music that is not played on the radio. The song explains how Plasthic Slash is a killing machine that is a killer. He is a killer with a mic in his hands . It’s Plasthic Slash against the world.

His lyrics are vital. These lyrics showcase how vital his rhymes are, “Abandon the rhyme, the vital signs show he’s ill”. Now the song has quotable lyrics such as “Dude tried to smoke me cos I fucked his niggarettes” that are absolutely hilarious and hysterical.

Plasthic Slash is a cyclops in the land of the blind. Life of crime and nights online are the grander design. Abandon the rhyme and the vital signs show he’s ill. Tow the steel and smoke a grill to know the thrill. It’s Plasthic Slash and against the world. That energy is his remedy. The enemy of hia enemy is hia enemy. (If that makes sense.)

Each internecine event is a bitter lesson is learned for him . A nigga stresses the pen. He’ll be the best in the end. Pessimist friends with battle lines drawn on floors. Showing them the ropes is a big tug of war. But no cigar like e-cigarettes. (Vaping is for fags.)

Blind fury is the reason Plasthic Slash lacks precision. Itchy trigger fingers will lead to rash decisions. The lyrics “Itchy trigger fingers will lead to rash decisions” imply that Plasthic Slash has itchy trigger fingers. He is a killer with a mic in his hands. He’ll take your life for grand and put a price on your man. If he catches your wife on his land, then he will kill her.

An eye for eye’s popular but this ain’t Korea. It’s really a vicious cycle like dysmenorrhea. Plasthic Slash is crouching in a sports car getting ready to do a drive by with his AK. He goes the German route for cars and the Russian route for guns. Beware the silent type. Plasthic Slash is violent like Ehrmantraut.

Youngins be watching Plasthic Slash wreck the microphone while hardly blinking. He drops jewels. His skill is set in stone like Harry Winston. The whore stories that he bring on tunes is making his bitch go nuclear like Kim Jong Un. That shit scared the mutha. Strong speech withdrawn quick. Don’t fuel fires if you can’t hold a candle to John Wick.

Always Fresh is about the expensive clothing that considered to be extraordinary fashion that Lord GEM has acquired a developed fetish for.

You can tell that Lord GEM has a fetish for expensive clothing just by reading these lyrics. “Stay fresh like a new born/Fresher than new Timberlands with no foot on/That’s what amma put on/Mix it with Salvatore Ferragamo suit on/Amouage perfume, what I ooze on/I got a fetish to be everly fresh/Heavily blessed, dress to impress, not stressing a sweat”

Lord GEM stays fresh like a new born and fresher than new Timberlands with no foot on. That’s what he’ll put it on. Mix it with Salvatore Ferragamo suit on. Amouage perfume is what he oozes on. He has got a fetish to be everly fresh.

He heavily blessed and does dress to impress not stressing a sweat. Even professionals bet on his level of freshness and brehsive. 50k ($50,000 dollars) says he’s coming in a Benz or a lex.

Lord GEM uses such advanced enhanced vocabulary with his lyrics such as these lyrics right here, “Brown skin boy/I let you see the melanin/Dripping all white like cherubim and seraphim”

He was tailor-made with better seams. Even his meta-schemes are forever clean. He is too Fresh for TV. I advise you get a clearer screen. Lord GEM is always fresh to death. Even his cadaver stays evergreen. (And that’s just morbid.)

Seen It All is a song about the past and current events Plasthic Slash has seen such as a black man become the president of the United States. This is one of the more socially and politically aware songs which shows a glimmer of social and political consciousness. Bix F makes a guest appearance.

Plasthic Slash has seen a black man become the president of the United States. He has seen his younger sis become a US resident who is now a resident and neutralized citizen of the United States. He has seen videos of soldiers shoot civilians in the head and shoulders and people dispute the evidence. Heck he even has seen gay marriage and weed legalized.

Plasthic Slash watch the world play savage with eagle eyes. Too much of the bad side with something called apartheid which was the law of the land in South Africa and still is to an extent. He has seen the evil man does as he goes through life. Vile stuff such as the Aluu four and Ikoku five

He saw the price for petroleum increase from 20 kobo to now almost 200 naira. Petroleum was originally sold for 20 kobo and is now 200 naira.

Denial for the recent COVID pandemic is something. Plasthic Slash has seen and experienced in is lifetime. Not just politicians and clerics but physicians and medics. The recent COVID pandemic is an issue that has affected the country of South Africa.

Plasthic Slash saw that Dana plane that crashed into residential buildings. Some people that had never boarded a flight in their lives died in a plane crash.

Plasthic Slash saw George Zimmerman walking free after murdering Trayvon Martin. Plasthic Slash saw a cop kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes. He saw every second of those incidents caught on film. Abacha had to go because Obasanjo fighting for a third term? Military dictators are coming back to be civilian presidents. Hoarding and looting of palliatives.

Bix F has seen it all via vicarious means. His mind is baffled ever day he looks at the news which shows current events.

The song Akashic Records uses a hodgepodge of breakbeats over horns and hip hop noises. The song Akashic Records is about collective consciousness since hip hop’s about collective consciousness. (At least to Roth B The Maverick and Plasthic Slash.) This song is collective consciousness for conscious heads. Raps they export is in track with Akashic records.

Now the song has quotable lyrics such as “Dude wrestling, had Mandela in a full Nelson” and “In Y2K, his last 2k, cold as 2 Kelvin” that are absolutely hilarious and hysterical.

When Roth B The Maverick raps, you tap straight into the thoughts projected. He connects with conscious heads. Hip hop’s about collective consciousness. The spirit guides. Roth B The Maverick, Ace The Supreme, and Plasthic Slash write these inspired rhymes. They require mics to record their entire lives. Roth B The Maverick rhymes with purpose on the beat.

Only below the Sumerian skies to be among the stars with his luminous mind state. Like cooperate workers, we have numerous ties. Linking all living things, why can’t humans unite? There is a need for power and greed to gain every with force. Fix the power grid. We have the same energy source. Enlightenment is achieved through active efforts. Raps they export is in track with Akashic records.

The past is precious. Plasthic’s methods, tactics, and efforts, is all in the Akashic records. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Incredible cream to chase until medical teams disgraced.

Till Death Do Us Part is along that explains how Plasthic Slash writes his rhymes and records music that he arranged.

Plasthic Slash has been in the game trying to double his pay. Writing an album takes couple of days. Skills make his haters go purple in the face. They wanna bring trouble his way but he stays straight. Plasthic Slash is still the god of this rap. Fuck all of the crap. Your product is wack and fake. (fake) Pushed the envelope like back to sender. Truly developed a black agenda. This is the type of fire that blasts pretenders. You might retire but the chance is slender. If he does he’ll be asked to enter the halls of fame off the raps he has rendered and watch others acts surrender.

Plasthic Slash has dropped classics in the past few years. If you don’t know Plasthic Slash is one of the dopest emcees, then you must be deaf and dumb.

Fear Traveling is some shit travel faster than the speed of light. Like the speed of fear which is fear traveling that is so fast. This is an example of nerdcore rap.

Plasthic Slash made Superman reeve and Batman bale. Plasthic Slash hexed dictatorsand made Sandman shale. He loves DC Comics, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Nye. Still he expels all this vermin on his foes. He went from abject to affleck to get mad checks. The journey of life is a fartlek and star trek which is art flexed.

Bought a Plug-in With My Rent Money is a jazz hop inspired rap song backed with horns that are used all over the place. Bought a Plug-in With My Rent Money explains Plasthic Slash’s encounter with two Jehovah Witnesses at his door.

Plasthic Slash heard a loud knock at the front door. He took a deep breath and prepared for onslaught Then he peeked through the peephole expecting to see his landlord. But it was two Jehovah Witnesses. Thank God! The older chap had an umbrella and shoulder strap bag. One was a man of about 60 and a teenage boy. He sees a striking resemblance which is probably the sober lad’s father.

Plasthic Slash I tried to retreat quickly but he hit something and the thing made noise. He tripped over a can of coke which he flung carelessly an hour before.

But he opеned up with a smile on his face. He saw 2 sexy ladies standing at the side of his gate preaching to his gateman who was high off a gateway drug. He could hear Armani Kay singing how she hates fake love.

In the distance, he is wondering who knows that song around here. He heard his neighbour lock his door as he was about to come downstairs. Then he turned his attention to his uninvited guests. How to start? Dude looked like he was undecided yet. Footwear that he was wearing looking like they were worn to a cinema in 8 Mile to see Eddie and Martin’s film when it first came out. And have been worn everyday since. Those shoes have seen life.

His gateman got the ladies while Plasthic Slash got Dr. Sebi. He thinks he has seen him once at a news stand where he used to cop his dailies. He said, “Good morning, I’d like to share the word with you.” Plasthic Slash said, “You’ll have to excuse me, I have lots of work to do. I got a deadline, you don’t know the fire my ass in.”

They quickly shot him with rounds of magazines like some hired assassins. Plasthic Slash went back in, turned on his deck, and began blast Tristate. Then he checks the phone to find 44 missed calls from his landlord. His rent has been overdue for 2 months. He must be so pissed off. Plasthic Slash bought a plugin with his rent money. Shit ain’t funny.

Organic Soul is ironically not a soul song despite its title. It’s a rap song.

Stoute Louis is like Johan Cruyff with a wrecking style. Jerking off after youngins like them pedophile. His joy ain’t expensive, dawg. No matter the amount. His dеmeanor gotta Myrrh essencе and his longevity is celebrated. He makes every second count. Them loud ass niggas ain’t weigh much but an ounce.

Shawty shaking loose with a plaque. Protesting bare chested. Got a nigga thirsty and acting wild and damn reckless. Stoute Louis predicted shit like Nostradamus. Karma biting they ass with Jaws of piranhas.

Hip hop/rap heads peep the jewels he drops. You should see him when he is in his element. It’s really something. Your artificial styles is short-lived like oganesson. That brother wrecks songs. But he stays winning like Willy Bunting. Son be roaming from dawn to gloaming. Songs hit homies. Some chics lonely and come to blow him every night but everyday. Plasthic Slash won’t let the rituals of these Kanayos destroy us. A life full of drama and peripeteia.

Elisha Killed Elijah (And Stole His Cloak) is one of the religious rap songs off the album which is quite deep and spiritual. Several references to religious figures from the religions of Christianity and Judaism are mentioned throughout the song.

Plasthic Slash has seen Geedorah’s future. Call Plasthic Slash the prophet of doom. This the word of God and not what you puppets consume. This is Cain nodding off in the land of Nod. Ancient Hebrews knew nothing of hand of God. Sun and moon never came thru on the same day. That’s a loophole. Tall tales like fables from Dikembe and Manute Bol.

Enoch got kidnapped while he hunted deer. Methuselah lived for less than a hundred years. Noah was a meteorologist and a rain maker. After the great flood came forth and left, he gained acres.

Lot is wanted for arson in Sodom and Gomorrah. He lit the fires before he rolled on at aurora at night. His wife eloped, don’t get me started on that pillar of salt. Combine sodium atom with chlorine and see the result.

You frauds revere Jacob who duped his brother Esau. Accomplished with an accomplice, Judith’s mother-in-law. Elisha killed Elijah. Stole his cloak and buried that old soul off a lonely road.

Joseph’s coat of many colours are the first rainbow flag. How could he turn down Potiphar’s wife? Because that dame is so bad. Sinai was an active volcano. And Moses played it perfectly for a massive montane show. Commandments on the first tablet differ from the second. None of these tales hold when you give a strong inspection.

Should have said the earth stopped not that sun stood still. But back then that’s how they kicked it like a kung-fu skill. Canaan was beehive of activities. They reared cattle Hence it was a land of milk and honey. They feared battle. The promised land was stolen like America and all of Mexico. An earthquake was to blame for the fall of the wall of Jericho. The real garden of Eden was at Okavango Delta. And God didn’t make woman to be just a lover and a helper.

As a kid, when his priest was explaining how Jesus saves. Thought he was ribbing him when he mentioned how Eve was made.

Did God tell Samuel to tell Saul to kill all the Amalekites? Or Samuel had his own agenda? Plasthic Slash says it’s man that decides. Manna and quail can fall from the skies and the taste is like heaven. But cases of kids dying of hunger’s high in places like Yemen. Protection can come from a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire. But farmers are getting beheaded in the North by killers that’s hired.

Plasthic Slash has seen the future. We all die in the end. Samson’s strength was his hair. Plasthic Slash’s strength is the pen. Daniel survived a night in the lion’s den? He was there for 6 years. Pastors are no experts on life. Jesus said kids are innocent. What did Elisha do to them?

Some passages made him boil in church and his discharge was purulent. That is why Plasthic Slash abandoned his religious beliefs and for days he lost it. Then he asked google and it classified him as theist agnostic. Still he has got friends among atheists. Christians and those that hate a ham. They are his fam and they all love him a lot like the prophet of Abraham.

These lyrics explain why Plasthic Slash abandoned his religious beliefs and lost touch with the concept of religion. “Some passages made me boil in church and my discharge was purulent/Abandoned my religious beliefs and for days I lost it/Then I asked Google and it classified me as theist agnostic”

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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