Review: MC Ren – The Maxi Single

MC Ren – The Maxi Single is one of MC Ren’s rarest singles in his discography. The CD single was independently released and sold underground in Compton, California in 2004. The single had politically charged songs which showed signs of social consciousness such as America and Ghetto. That is where MC Ren comes with his politically charged realness. Ex-Ruthless Records signee Bigg Rocc can be heard all over the EP as he raps on all the songs. These songs would be later included on his Renincarnated/The Maxi Single EP.

MC Ren made a comeback in 2004 with his song Itz Nothin. MC Ren is a veteran in this rap game. So it’s nothing to him. This for mothafuckers growin’ up in the ghetto.

MC Ren is the mothafuckin’ boss nigga who spill at the villain. Presidents, dope dealers, the feds, and bitches are fuckin’ with his head. What MC Ren’s gotta do is expose your ass with the realness of the world. Niggas are dyin’ over the colors blue and red.

These lyrics serve as a symbolism of blacken-black violence. “Niggas dyin’ over colors/Nigga blue and the red” This is his politically charged realness.

Gays and bitches on the mic be making him mad. Really who’s fuckin’ with MC Ren? He’s with that nigga “Bigg Rocc” homey puffin’ the green. Sick of the bitches always askin’ why he loves weed. Then they got the nerve to ask what this is for. This for mothafuckers growin’ up in the ghetto.

Bigg Rocc comes through reppin’ while niggaz be half steppin’. Bigg Rocc will buy his own cheese. Smokin’ in the Cali grease.

America explains how many African Americans are not free politically and socially in America. He discusses the mistreatment of African Americans in America of course.

Police sirens are heard at the beginning of the song. A dispatcher notifies all police units to be on the look out for a 16 year black male named John Doe. John Doe was last seen dippin’ through Compton and the Watts neighborhood. The dispatcher warns police officers that he will shoot back. This is one example of how law enforcement views African Americans and what African Americans go through when dealing with law enforcement.

Bigg Rocc plays the role of a dispatcher during the intro to the song.

[Intro: Bigg Rocc]
Attention all units. Be on a look out.
John Doe, black male, 16 and certified.
Been on last seein’ dippin’ through Compton.
Then he was seein’ dippin’ through Watts.
We sent this mothafucker match head to L.A.
Don’t shoot at this mothafucker, he’ll shoot back.

MC Ren is that nigga that you’ve been warned about. That Villain talkin’ nigga. He spits it with the best of them. And then shits it on the rest of them. He’s still that nigga for life.

Poor black people in America are taking chances by crappin’ the dice lookin’ for a better out (fiendin’) to make it. They say everybody is free in the America. However African Americans are still slaves culturally in America. Is it that fucked up in America? Ain’t no love for the niggas in America.

Ghetto explores the grim realities of poverty.

MC Ren says there ain’t no love for the niggas in the ghetto. Shit be fucked up when you live in the ghetto. It gotta be somethin’ much better than the ghetto.

Bills are piling up and MC Ren just got laid off from his place of employment. He is in a dilemma. But he’s gotta let these knuckle heads know that he ain’t soft. Never will he try to swing in a gun fight. Police know the homies on a first name basis. So when something has happened, they the first ones to chase them.

Bigg Rocc knows nothing but the ghetto. He was born and raised in the streets of the Hub City of Compton, California. He smokes blunts to ease the kill of mentality when another motherfuckers tryin’ to test me. He learnt to work with the strap.

MC Ren is thinking of the past. His nerve is drained. The Villain is sick and tired of staying in pain. That’s why he is tryin’ to puff a blunt in the front seat of his car. But in the ghetto some niggas stick together to get through the bad weather while still chasin’ cheddar. But haters appear out of sight.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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