Review: Bobby Brown – Forever

From a sales point of view this album did not sell very well. It was the least promoted album in his career. Bobby Brown was still with MCA Records in 1997. 1997 was a bad year for MCA because the label MCA was in turmoil due to a bidding war with Geffen and Polygram Records at the time. So the promotion department of MCA wasn’t doing so well. The other drawbacks were due to Bobby’s bad image problem. He was known to be abusive to his ex-wife Whitney Houston and doing crack. He just needed to rehabilitate himself. Basically he had an ego problem.

Also he did not produce this album himself like he did on the previous album Bobby in 1992. He had full creative control over this album. The producers on this album were Carole Sager, Derek Allen, F-Sharp, Tim Kelley, Bob Robinson, Victor Merrit, Jerome Woods, and Kenny Finnel.
It’s too bad this album was under promoted and overlooked by MCA. If MCA and Bobby Brown had promoted this right, his career would have been a lot different then it is now. It’s always good to have producers on more than a few songs or just one song. If Bobby hadn’t done crack, things would have been a lot different.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown both did a good job singing in the intro. Every time Bobby and Whitney write a composition or sing, you know it’s gonna be a hit! Whitney Houston really shines with her gospel choir singing.

Still My Thang had the possibility of becoming a single and a music video. Still My Thang need should have been a single to accompany this album. My Place is more of an at night slow jam. My Place should have been a single as well to accompany this album. The horn synths are on point! This should have been a single also!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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