Review: One Gud Cide – Contradictions

One Gud Cide – Contradictions was one of the best Fort Worth rap albums of 1999. The songs are deep and dark with real messages that have real meaning. The album had that classic remarkable Funky Town production from the legendary producer Ernie G and T-Mix. Southern soul and G-Funk are blended in with the sounds of dark gangsta rap. Funky Town rap from Fort Worth, Texas always seems to fly under the radar which is truly a shame.

Now the original OG 1st press edition of this album with no barcode from has skits and songs that were not included on the 1999 version of the album.

The original 1997 cover.

The song and title track Contradictions deals with the concepts of contradiction, regret, decision making, and hypocrisy.

Twisted Black ain’t feeling right. He wonders if he will regret what he did today the very next day which is tomorrow. It seems that everything he does today, tomorrow he will contradict. He expresses that he is tired of living so selfishly and in contradiction. Is this the same feeling that every real playa gets? It seems that his bad side has a mind of his own. He knows this is wrong. Every man reaps what he sows

Not too many people know this but this song uses a sample from the 1992 psychological horror-thriller film Raising Cain. The sample begins with Dr. Waldheim talking.

Dr. Waldheim: Every time there is another trauma, there may be another personality. Pretty soon there are scores of them running around inside your head, squabbling amongst themselves as to which one gets to control the consciousness. Only one personality can control the consciousness at one time.

Lt. Terri: So now they’re talking to each other.

Sgt. Cally: This sounds like one messed up guy.

Hell On Earth is a calm and fast paced rap song with smooth chords and beats to fit the sad mood which is displayed throughout the song. Hell On Earth was produced By Ernie G and Davina. Davina was the songstress singing on the chorus. Davina did a lot of singing on underground releases during the 1990s. The duo describe their hardships they’ve experienced and encountered in their lifetimes. They explain how we are living hell on Earth.

This was the song where Twisted Black told his whole life story. Twisted Black moved from the ghetto of Detroit, Michigan to Fort Worth, Texas when he was 12. He was rebelling against the system and wouldn’t listen to adults. 1988 was the year Twisted Black learned how to box while incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility. There he learned how to do over cuts and upper cuts while giving blows and punches when boxing. All this was stated in a section of an article on the Ozone Magazine.

These times be so challenging. Even Evil Seed is struggling strolling through life. Evil Seed is not challenging God’s words. He just doesn’t understand why God choose him to be surrounded with this drama. And let his old man put his hands on his mother. He wishes he had the nerves and the physical fitness so he could just get the strength of his legs. Because these days we in the wrong frame of mind. Circumstances he has made grown man cry. They killed his homie Arnell (?) and they was like blood. Even though that’s what he supported, it wasn’t what Evil Seed was. It even takes a man to even face these burning sands. We all live in hell on Earth.

Down Here was the classic Port Arthur-Fort Worth collabo that was included on the album. This was a country rap tune. Ernie G and T-Mix produced the song. They don’t do it like this anymore! This was the song that had the classic lyrics which were “I got no emotions/Benz coastin’/Your girl rub me down in the hotel with lotion”. Pimp C’s verse is legendary.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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