Review: Coop MC – Home of The Killers

Coop MC – Home of The Killers was the blueprint of Fort Worth rap in 1995 due to the fact that his album has classic remarkable Funky Town production from the legendary producer Ernie G. Ernie G was the sound of Fort Worth rap which is Funky Town rap. Southern soul and G-Funk are blended in with the sounds of dark gangsta rap. A majority of the songs on his album have a sad mournful vibe to them such as Blue Sunday and Home of The Killers.

This is Southern fried reality rap. Funky Town rap from Fort Worth, Texas always seems to fly under the radar which is truly a shame. Home of The Killers, Contradictions, Currency, and Look What The Streets Made are some of the best Fort Worth rap albums ever made.

Coop MC – Home of The Killers was a product of a time in Fort Worth when gang violence was higher than any city in the State of Texas next to Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston which was 1995. Fort Worth was the homicide capital and gang capital of Texas next to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Waco.

One thing many people don’t realize is that SJ of One Gud Cide had contributed to a huge portion of this album. SJ doesn’t get enough credit for his contributions to this album.

Coop MC divulges into the subject of daily pressure on his song called Pressure. Pressure everyday by the same old thang. At least that’s what they say. This is life under pressure.

Pressure everyday by the same old thang. Niggas thinking that they hard claiming a gang barely reaching age 20 in 1993 and waking up every morning to live through just a day.

Coop MC is watching his back for the jack (robbery). He is watching for his crack with the sight with the tec that he packs. He’s got homies on his side but he really doesn’t know because them same trick niggas be fighting over hoes. They say they are down with Coop MC but the condition is critical. But he can’t deal with niggas if their thoughts not identical. He likes to hold his own and not even go looking for help. Because a nigga like Coop is getting down for oneself.

Never trusting a nigga and never trusting a bitch because a nigga ain’t shit and a bitch is to hit. And will he see the stars or will he see the bars? Another young black society in scars for life under pressure like this.

Coop MC can’t cope with his life because he is a daytime player but a thief of the night. He is true to the game and has always kept the mentality. He dedicated life to the street of his hood. He had to keep his business on the earn like a G hanging on the cuts with a sack full of dimes. And ain’t nobody know a damn thing about him. Coop MC was greatly influenced by his homie Rust. The only nigga in the hood that had a nigga’s trust in the battlefield of his city streets where only the strong survive and the weak shall sleep.

Coop MC had nowhere to run with nowhere to hide. He was a player to the upmost hail by his pride. He got another stripe in the year of 1992. He was draped in black spitting game like a pharaoh making to this bitch that had to be they hoe. And now they’re trying to play on this player like a mark. And yelling they hood can hit him up in the dark. As he looked up, he saw the heading his direction. Coop MC was pressured by his peers and he couldn’t see the light. He had Coop MC under pressure. So he took his life when he squeezed a trigger and hit the mid-section.

Coop MC shed light on all the games women play with men on My Woman. These hoes out here are on that bullshit. She got in the game, got this man (nigga) a name, and some clout. That’s how his nigga came up. This song is about another tale with murder all because of that bitch. My Woman was the classic old school Funky Town banger that was used on the Down South Hustlers compilation. The song is backed by the smooth sample of Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love.

This nigga who was a drug dealer put down a lick by shooting his boss in his mouth. He stole his money and hid the body when he covered it so nobody would discover the murder. Then this nigga went to his crib and found his safe with the knot. Counted the drugs out to place it in his stash spot. The shit was unbearable. He scored 100 G’s ($100,000 dollars). Plus the nigga’s boss had about 20 ki’s (20 kilograms). Then he cooked them up and got some workers on his team. Then he bought a fresh ride.

All within a week he sowed up the South Side of Fort Worth, Texas. 5 to 10 G’s (10 grand = $10,000) every minute on the hour. Money stacked so high resembling a tower. Along with the ends when it came. You should know. He thought she was sweet, but she was really a gold-digging hoe. Now who’s down with that bitch?

His woman digs for money day and night. His woman loves him and she holds him tight. His woman better come on home tonight because if she doesn’t he’s gonna beat that ass all night.

This nigga had 50 G’s ($50,000 dollars) by the end of every day. He had been working for a month, so the nigga had to pay. She started sensing thing because she thought he had it made. He kept trickin on that bitch and kept his workers unpaid. She tells him to forget them because his friends wouldn’t matter. This is where the situation started to shift in a downward spiral.

Today it was fat, but yesterday his grip was fatter. The game was sweet, The bitch played her cards right. The nigga was dumb basically because he let the money change his life. What was a dollar is now is a penny today Did she take a little or did she take plenty?

She fucked him at 5 PM in the afternoon so by 8 PM at night he was asleep. And rob him at 9 PM so she could creep by 10 PM at night. And short on his dope and the 100 G’s too. But heh didn’t blame the bitch for his downfall and shortcomings because he thought she was true to him and true to the game.

He called up his mother and questioned her about the money. She started to laugh. He said, “This shit ain’t funny!” So he threatened her life and said he’d kill her himself. Suddenly the ATF knocked down his door and raided his house. All because of that bitch.

He called up his girl from Tarrant County Jail to come and get him out the bucket. She answered the phone and he heard a nigga saying, “Suck it.”. He said, “Baby come and get me quick!” But she couldn’t reply with her mouth full of dick.

She went down to bail him out one hour later. Then she took him to his house. He got on the phone and called this nigga who was pumpin drugs by selling them. And asked if he could/would the nigga front him something.

They met up at Weiss German Restaurant and passed the black briefcase. The nigga called up his girl and said there he will sleep tonight. He went to her crib so he could see what he was fronted not even knowing that some niggas had him peeped.

4 niggas in a blue Cadillac Seville were nigga hunting. They creeped up slow, One of the niggas in the blue Cadillac Seville said he knew the house, went to the back, and saw the couple on the couch. His first day out was the last of his life. Needles to say the nigga was murdered by the thieves of the night all because of that bitch.

Hangin’ At 2 is a beautiful laid back G-Funk track with whiny G-Funk synths and chords over phat heavy thick ass basslines. Coop came with own his own groove on this one right here.

Blue Sunday is a sad mournful song about how the good old days used to be. You can really say they gone. Home of the killers used to be at peace but it’s been so long. You can hear Ernie G’s sound all over the song due to the chords, basslines, and keys.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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