Review: Swing Republic – Long Legs EP

Swing Republic – Long Legs EP is a swinging electro swing release from Swing Republic, one of the original pioneers of the Electro Swing sound. So one can expect to hear some upbeat swinging jazz songs which follow an uptempo pace. You have the vintage jazz sound over modernized electronic production. Swing Republic – Long Legs EP is one of the lesser known electro swing releases which is criminally underrated. Swing Republic is a Danish electro swing duo fronted by producer Per Edrup and vocalist Karina Kappel.

Long Legs about a long-legged lady who is a girlfriend to a gentleman that is harmful. She creates a scheme and plan to harm her man. She is daddy’s little angel nonetheless.

This long-legged lady who is a gentleman’s girlfriend is alone in her living room. She is thinking about all the harm she wants to do. While she is in her living room, she is burning holes in old photos with a cigarette trying to get the world back. She never has no regrets. She is scheming and planning her man’s doom Twirling her hair while displaying a stoned up stare on her face as she’s twirling the truth. This is lady is Daddy’s little angel. Daddy’s little angel alone in her living room.

Her man tells this long-legged lady who is his girlfriend, “Oh, don’t you take it out on me, girl. Oh no. Won’t you leave me alone now, my girl?” This long-legged lady has no intentions of ceasing her schemes. This long-legged lady has no intentions of letting him go and leaving him alone anytime soon.

This long-legged lady/girl has a smile and a grin. She sees that it’s working. As she sees that it’s working, her man is shivering out of fear. He is down on his knees as she has got him begging her to leave him alone. He begs to her saying, “Let it go and let me be me.” These lyrics show how their relationship is. “As she sees that it’s working, I’m shiverin’/Down on my knees, got me beggin’ her please”

She think this is cute with her superior style. She had him fooled for a while by her ambiguous smile. It’s all in her head. The things she said were not true. Her man tells her she is delusional if she thinks he is not aware. Her man is very well aware of how toxic their relationship is, how he must break free in order to disassociate himself from her, and why he needs to break up with her.

The man tells this long-legged lady, “You think you’re kinda cute with you’re superior style. Had me fooled for a while by your ambiguous smile. It’s all in your head. It’s not true what you said. You’re delusional girl if you think I’m not aware.”

Long legs are crawling all over the floor trying to find all the pieces of what was before. She is caught in a web reaching over her head.

Let Yourself Go is about dancing. It’s one of those relaxing upbeat swing jazz songs for you to listen to. The song is appropriate for the dance floor and perfect for a party. This song will make you want to enjoying yourself. Let Yourself Go is a cover of The Boswell Sisters – Let Yourself Go. Notice the classic vintage samples?

Come. Let’s get together. Let the dance floor feel your leather clothing. Step as lightly as a feather. Come hit the timber. Loosen up and start to limber. Now can’t you hear that hot marimba? That hot marimba will make you want to dance. Why don’t you let yourself go? Relax and let yourself go. You’ve got yourself tied up in a knot. The night is cold but the music’s hot.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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