Review: P.K.O. – From Dirty To Clean

San Antonio rap group PKO (P.K.O.) came out hard in 2000 with their From Dirty To Clean compilation album. From Dirty To Clean showcased a wide variety of rap artists in Texas from cities such as San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Elgin, and Waco. This is the From Dirty To Clean compilation that came out on Big Ballin Recordz.

The only downside to this album is that most of these cuts were pulled together from previous album and other compilations. Illegal Amigos was pulled from the Illegal Amigos compilation for instance. Ya Only Live Once came from the 1999 Shot Callers album. This album will probably dissuade longtime PKO fans.

Illegal Amigos is the Desperado themed song on the album that stands out the most from all the other tracks included on this compilation album. SPM was featured on Illegal Amigos. The Illegal Amigos has a Spanglish feel to it with hint of Spanish rap. SPM adds a bit of Spanish rap to Illegal Amigos. Spanish rap meets southern rap on Illegal Amigos. Illegal Amigos was pulled from the 1998 Illegal Amigos compilation album. Illegal Amigos is rather enigmatic.

Pimpz, Playaz, Huslaz, Ho’z revisits Pimps, Players, Hustlers, & Hoes from the 1990 Armed And Dangerous album being that Pimpz, Playaz, Huslaz, Ho’z is a futuristic version of Pimps, Players, Hustlers, & Hoes. You can notice the polished production due to the electronic harmonics used in the production and the production. The sound is notably polished.

Shinin’ Sparklin’ is materialism rap at its finest. Not to mention Southern rap. K-Sam truly outshines his lyrical skills all over as he all over the place on this track. Honestly Shinin’ Sparklin’ has much similarity to Candy Paint.

Both Wayz is quite similar to Lesbian Nights from Lil Troy’s Back To Ballin’ album. K-Sam sure gets freaky on this track. Both Wayz is a great track to light up a doobie and watch some porn to. Sex rap meets southern rap on Both Wayz.

Candy Paint is a rather tight track that features Pimp Tyte. Candy Paint is a tight Houston/San Antonio collabo. Honestly Candy Paint has much similarity to Shinin’ Sparklin’.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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